Cheung Chau & Protests

Following our trip to Lamma, we decided to continue checking out Hong Kong’s local islands so we headed over to Cheung Chau.

Our first stop was some cute little boutiques, full of jewellery and lanterns.

hong kong

Turns out this kind of stuff isn’t for us.


Off to climb some rocks by the sea, instead.


We found a seaside pagoda to have a rest and rehydrate at.


I popped down to the rock pools and took a few photos.

This is Loaf Rock.


I found a crab!


Further proof that Finbar can sleep anywhere.


We were all feeling a bit brave, so we clambered over to Flower Vase Rock.

8 9

Finbar got in a sticky situation.

Luckily, Craig came to his rescue.


Just to the right was Bell Rock.

Finbar had the first climb.


Craig upped the game by straddling the rock…


Look, no hands!


Thought I’d have a go too.

Not until I was up there did I realize how close Craig was to plopping into sea.


Finbar wandered down to an undisclosed location and found a new hat!


After one final cave dive by Craig…


We continued along the ‘Mini Great Wall.’

17 18

On our way to the Tin Hau Temple, we came across a small rock pool that the locals seem to have erected a mini sea-wall around, turning it into an ornamental pond.

19 20

We reached the temple and passed the harbour on our way back to the ferry, taking us back to Central.

21 22

Before leaving, we picked up some Chinese dice pots.

Thanks, Cheung Chau! 😀


We headed on up to the Discovery Bay Pier for some drinking games.

24 24a

A couple of rolls later and Craig’s already rolling pentagonal fours.



We thought we’d go to check out the protests once again, armed with salmon wraps and delicious deli food from CitySuper.


Barricades everywhere.

27a 28 29

Craig and I trying not to look like we’re there for a photo op.

30 31

Consistently good numbers throughout the second week.


Protesting done correctly.

Such organization.

So wow.

33 34

They even have tutors lending their time to students conflicted between study and lending support to the Umbrella Movement.


Chancey offering first aid and emphasis on hygiene.

35a 36 38

The infamous sculpture: Umbrella Man.

39 40

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement has developed into quite the exhibition of street art.

Here are a few from the first couple of weeks.

41 42 43 44 44a 44b

This is the 17 year old student leader, Joshua Wong.


This is Queenie’s favourite!


Our final stop was the Lennon Wall, a barrage of colourful sticky notes filled with messages of support for the movement.

49 50

If you fancy checking out our previous posts on Cheung Chau, you can find them here, here & here.

Here are a couple of links to our previous coverage of the Central and Mong Kok protests.

Hope everyone’s having a jolly good weekend! 😀



One thought on “Cheung Chau & Protests

  1. Another very well done! Your views and the good time had on Cheung Chau are just the thing for my lazy Sunday viewing. Your stroll through the protests show me better then anything I have seen on tv. Keep up the good work,. J.

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