Kadoorie Farm

For my final daytrip with the boys on my day off before they returned to the UK, we headed over to the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG), which spreads over 148 hectares of land, located on the northern slopes and foothills of Hong Kong’s highest mountain – Tai Mo Shan.

hong kong

The Farm was established in 1956 to provide agricultural aid to farmers in need of support to help them lead independent lives. Today, reflecting the changing times, KFBG plays an active role in promoting the conservation of biodiversity in Hong Kong and South China, allied with sustainable agriculture and creative nature education.


After a quick stop for an organic lunch of toasties, we set off!

Our first stop was a visit to the Pigsties. Last year, these 6 cuties were formally appointed as KFGB Education Ambassadors to urge visitors to eat less meat.


Most of the animals at KFBG have either been confiscated from illegal traders by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department or rescued by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after being reported by the public. Everything is very well sign-posted to ensure a better understanding of the threats to survival facing many of the plants and animals living here, along with what you can do to prevent their destruction.

5 7 8a 9

Check out this awesome snap that Finbar took!


Fifi the deer!

11 12

This is one of my favourite photos of the day, taken on my beloved film camera.


KFBG is also home to lots of rescued birds and beautiful plants.




It was really refreshing to walk amongst nature, rather than traffic and high rises!

19 19a 20 21

The boys decided to jump the fence and climb some steep rocks next to a waterfall.

22 23

Another cheeky selfie!

24 26

Hey Finbar!


Hey Craig!


Finbar took a snap of us from above…


…and in the pagoda too!


After a little rest, we continued trekking.


Finbar lead the way and decided that this would be a shortcut…


Looks legit.


Just pop the ol’ grate back on.

We were never here.

33 34

Finally, we made it to the Kadoorie Brothers’ and T.S Woo Memorial Pavillions!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll realize that I can’t walk past a moon-gate without doing this.


I’m such a trendsetter 😉

36 36a

A few snaps in the memorial pavilion.

37 39 40 41

Although it was almost closing time, we decided to do the Sky Trail anyway.

42 43

There were lots of inspirational signposts dotted around.

44 48 49 50 52

It was great to see that more trees were being planted.


Made it to the top!

57 58 59 61 622a


I’m sexy and I know it.


As it was starting to get dark, Ry, Craig and I decided to head back down as we didn’t fancy going downhill in complete darkness.


However Finbar, being the daredevil adventurer that he is, decided to carry on up the trail and make his own way home, armed with a map on his phone and a stick of bamboo.

64 65

Surprisingly he managed to get home just 30 minutes after us!


If you fancy a trip to Kadoorie Farm, find out how to get there here.

This is the final post from Craig and Finbar’s 18 day visit. Thanks for visiting us and letting us share your photos on the blog – we had lots of fun showing you around! 😀



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