Marianne’s visit to HK!

Wednesday 5th November

I was reunited with my favourite bootilicious babe, Marianne!

Having whisked her up to our apartment the previous evening, we excitedly bounded out the door in the morning, ready to explore HK on her 2 day stopover before heading over to Oz.

hong kong

We started off in Central, which Marianne described as being like London.

This does make sense as it’s filled with expats, high rises and shops that you’d find in the UK.

2 3

Our tummies were rumbling already, so we opted for an early lunch in one of my favourite spots, Mak’s Noodles.

4 5 6

For round one, Marianne went for noodles with chili pork which she kindly let me try and it was delicious and flavourful, but a tad spicy for Marianne.

As they specialize in wontons (pork and prawn dumplings), I had a portion with noodles, which were also lush!


As the portion sizes are rather small, we obviously went for seconds. This time, I had wontons and noodles with an extra portion of their perfectly flavoured, melt in the mouth beef brisket.

Marianne went for noodles with beef brisket and tendon, which she enjoyed, but not so much the tendon as it wasn’t what she was expecting!

8 9

With happy tummies, we headed off to explore!


Typical HK restaurant display.

11 12

We started off with a look around the food markets….

13 14 15

…and admired the lanterns.

16 17 18 19



As Central and Sheung Wan are so close, we found ourselves wandering over there and bumped into Yonge Piggies!


When Ry and I visited last year, we noticed their special of bacon and chocolate milkshake, so Marianne and I decided to try it out!


Our verdict: Nothing special and a bit of a waste of money.

It just tasted like a normal, thick chocolate milkshake with a couple of bacon bits sprinkled on the top which didn’t really add much to the flavour. Nevertheless, we were glad we tried it out!


Making a wish by the fountain.

24 25

Well rested, we headed back over to Central.

26 27

If you know me, you’ll know that I can’t walk past Topshop without a quick rummage…


Especially when there’s a sale on 😉


On our way back to the MTR station, we passed a rather cool busker playing a hang (Thanks Tony)!


In the station, we also came across these adorable little chocolate creations!

My personal fave is the lucky cat 😀


Having walked through the station to the exit for The Peak, we set off!


Pretty flowers.


We’re here!


The Peak Tram travels up an extremely steep hill and Marianne got pretty freaked out when the driver kept stopping for no apparent reason on the way up.

You’ll be able to see her reaction when I finally get round to editing the vlog 😉


After looking around the souvenir shops for presents for friends and family, we headed over to the viewing platform, passing some awesome paintings on the way.


Classic moon-gate situation.


Marianne was inspired by my moves.


Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island that boasts panoramic views over the city!

39 40 41 Coffee/chillino break.

We’d planned to have a 20 minute rest before continuing, but ended up losing track of time catching up and gossiping away!42

Our next stop was Causeway Bay.


Times Square also has regular mini arty pop ups.


The aim of Jun Shim’s work is to help us to stop and notice the world around us.

45 46 47

Mayak Kimbob & Bindaedduk & Ddukbokki – Gwangjang Market (2014)


This was my favourite!


Causeway Bay is a shopping haven.


As we were feeling a little peckish, we stopped off for some street food. I had a stick of squid which was pretty good and the lady next to us was saying how great the fish-balls were, so Marianne ordered some, but they tasted so processed and grim :/


Oh, hey there 5 storey Forever 21! (There was a sale in there too…)


After a quick shop around (I bought some floral leggings and a black lace crop-top, if you were wondering), we headed over to TST for the light show at 8pm.


The skyline will never fail to impress me!

54 55

Our final stop of the day was Mong Kok, for an epic Japanese buffet at Banmoto!


We got a little overexcited and ordered so much that we couldn’t even fit everything on our own table! The food just kept coming, so we borrowed a bit of space on the table next to us too…


This is another one of my favourite restaurants in HK, so check it out!

Finally I’ll leave you with a cheeky Instagram of our stunning sashimi 😀


See you tomorrow for temples, festive treats and a trip to the busiest district in the world!



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