Marianne’s second day in HK!

Thursday 6th November

Feeling rather exhausted from our previous day of gallivanting around the city, we took a slow start to the day, snoozing and chatting until the early afternoon until we felt ready to take on the day!

After stocking up on a couple of juicy barbecue pork buns on the way to the bus station, we were off!

Our first stop was the Wong Tai Sin Temple, one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong – home to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. If you fancy checking out more about the temple, feel free to check out our previous post 😀

hong kong 2 3

Hanging out with our Zodiac animal: 1990, representin’ (yes, that just happened)

4 4a

The temple is alive with an explosion of colours, lanterns and incense!

5 6

I’m not sure if this is a new addition or whether I’ve just never noticed it before, but we came across people tying red string onto the rope. I imagine it relates to praying for the health and well-being of loved ones or hoping for a romantic relationship to blossom.


Here’s a close up of the lovely couple.

9 10 11

Next up, we popped into the beautiful Good Wish Garden.

12 13

Makes me feel like I’m Mulan 😉

14 15

Koi fish!


Our next stop was the Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill for a spot of lunch as Marianne was already craving McDonalds.

I was super excited to try their winter specials!


Marianne went for the Mint Mocha (snowman), while I went for the Brownie Hot Chocolate (reindeer). Unfortunately they both looked much better than they tasted. Marianne’s mocha was essentially a black coffee with a dash of mint and my drink tasted more like nuts than brownies.

Silver lining: great addition to my Instagram 😉


Unsurprisingly, their macarons were also disappointing i.e. heavy and sickly.

Pretty sure you’re not supposed to store them in a fridge?!


Since we were taking our time to rest our achey legs, Marianne was approached by an adorable secondary school student who was doing research on English-speaking holiday makers. They must’ve just walked around the mall searching for white people…

Anyway, as a gift for taking part in his questionnaire, he presented Marianne with this awesome origami lotus!

Oh and his name was Carrot.


The plan was a quick lunch in McDonalds, then a visit to the Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery next door.

However we got distracted by the shops (namely Cotton On and HnM) and it was dark by the time that we emerged with bags full of clothes, so we headed straight over to Mong Kok instead.


Welcome to the busiest district in the world!

22 23 24 25



A little more shopping in the Ladies Market and Monki later (guys, there was a sale on), we finally sat down for dinner at one of my favourite Thai restaurants in HK (thanks Jess!)

We started with chicken skewers. Oh man, that satay sauce.


Marianne went for Pad Thai…


…while I had my usual red seafood curry.

I usually like to try new dishes every time I go to a restaurant, but this curry is so good that I just can’t bring myself to order anything else!


After dinner, we decided to call it a night and headed home.


Thank you so much for visiting me, Marianne! I had so much fun showing you around! 😀

Watch out for our VLOGS…coming soon 😉



4 thoughts on “Marianne’s second day in HK!

    • Thanks for reading, Jim. Glad you enjoyed them 😀

      Yup, we vlogged both days! I’ve got one on Mong Kok with Craig and Finbar that I’m in the middle of editting, so you’ll be treated to that first 😉

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