Lighthouse Walk

On our final full day in Sabang, we were treated to sunshine and blue skies!

sabang, philippines

As we’d already visited White Beach quite a few times, we decided to take a relaxing stroll over to the lighthouse instead.

Here’s a snap of our accommodation – The Sabang Oasis Resort.

It looks lovely at night, lit up by fairy lights entwined in the tinsel!


The passage from our resort into town.


Narrow walkways.


We headed to the Big Apple Dive Resort for lunch before our walk.

7 7a

I took a few snaps of the hawkers and floating bars while waiting for our food to arrive.

8 9 10 12

I went for the Hungarian Goulash that was so addictive on our first night, but failed to impress me the second time around.


Ry had a pizza that took forever to arrive, but he described it as a highlight of the holiday (which wasn’t difficult, to be honest).


After lunch, we followed the road up past the market to the village of Sinandigan.

16 17 18 19 20

We couldn’t work out what the performance was for…maybe it was just a Sunday thing?!

21 22 23 24 25

As soon as we walked past these cuties, they excitedly waved and said hello to us!

So adorable.

26 27

Almost there…

28 29

This is the old lighthouse.


It was actually pretty scary getting up there as the rails were a bit rickety, but we were eager to check out the views!




Up high, we could see the Verde Island Passage, Luzon, the City of Calapan and the island of Marindique.

Oh and that’s the New lighthouse on the right.


The sunshine put me in a much better mood! 😀

35 36 37 38 39

On our way back, we came across a basketball game, dancing housewives, barbecues, a nativity scene, tricycles, dogs and homes.

40 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52

Back in town.

53 54

Looks like it was an all day performance.

I love watching majorettes – it always looks so impressive (especially to someone with really bad hand-eye co-ordination)!


On our final morning in Sabang (before an hour long ferry ride, 4 hour taxi ride, 4 hour wait in the airport, 3 hour flight and an hour long train journey), we opted for a fry up

It summed up our holiday: DISAPPOINTING.


Nevertheless we were ecstatic to be finally going home! 😀

57a 58

So long, Sabang!





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