December through Instagram

Better late than never, right?! 😉

hong kong

1 – Before my 4th birthday meal. I like food…

2 – Banmoto Japanese Buffet


4 – Ry with his beloved CHEESE BALLS


1 – Another birthday meal at Fusion with Dave and Teri

2 – An awesome birthday card from Sarah #HummusSucks

3 – Gorgeous mugs from Cherry, filled with yummy hot chocolates and marshmallows!

4 – Snuggling under our duvet on the sofa EVERY NIGHT (because it’s far too cold)


1 – Amy treated me to some delicious Korean food in Mong Kok!

2 – Sexy specs at the Salvation Army charity shop

3 – An old school snap of me getting excited for Christmas

4 – Graffiti in Macau, conveniently taken on a Friday.


1 – “Miss Queenie, I’m Santa!”

2 –  I’ve been teaching this little one since I started working here two years ago. He has the squishiest cheeks!

3 – The J-dawg has 3 lessons on a Sunday! He loves singing Bruno Mars songs. His favourites being ‘Treasure’ and ‘Talking to the Moon.’

4 – One of my students gave me some flowers ^.^


1 – Ry’s gingerbread man at the airport

2 – Our final day in the Philippines 😀


4 – Cute packaging from Ry


1 – Ry knows me so well. Perfect Christmas present 😉

2 – The man with the lobster claw

3 – Instax-worthy

4 – NYE


1 – Found a post-it note that Josh left behind the fish fingers in our freezer (he left months ago…)

2 – Loving my birthday gift from Ry ❤

3 – NYE on top of the IFC

4 – Ry’s first drunk purchase of 2015


An awesome watercolour by the ever so talented Jaymie O’Callaghan! 



4 thoughts on “December through Instagram

    • Cheers Lucia, I totally agree! It’s so much fun putting them together 🙂

      haha thanks, that was such a fun day! Omg, you definitely should! Ry did some research online and the one he bought me was the best model, I’d thoroughly recommend it 😀 It’s an Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, if you were wondering 🙂

      Hope you’ll be sticking around to check out our February post 😉 xxx

  1. Hi, I’m moving to HK in august to work at Harrow school and I found you blog whilst researching! I absolutely love it and it’s made me so excited to move…just the matter of about 6 months to wait haha

    • Ah I’m so glad it’s made you excited to move! You’ll love it here, there’s so much to do and it’s such a short distance to get anywhere in HK! 😀

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Sam! xxx

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