January through Instagram & Film

I found Vinnie at the supermarket!

hong kong

Finally got round to collecting my birthday and Christmas presents from my favourite party tigers, Nikki and Josh! 😀

0a 0b

1 – Josh created Lemongrab.

2 – Tickets for Bastille!

3 – Cheeky Instax

4 – #KEEN


1 2 3

1 – Tried out ‘The Best Ramen in Hong Kong’

2 – Lab Made liquid nitrogen ice cream

3 – Having a whale of a time in the free pop-up photo booth in LKF!

4 – Aforementioned yummy ice cream (Ferrero Rocher, Coconut Pandan Cake, Sea Salt and Caramel)

An excellent staff do! GREAT BUFFET 😀

3a 3b

1 – Celebrating ‘winning’ a red packet in the raffle with my boss (everybody wins because they eventually pull out everyone’s name…)

2 – Red packets and sweets

3 – Drinking contest! Brent won for our centre, but Ry was a very close second (there was literally a seconds difference)

4 – Work crew

Taking a stroll on the local walking trail.


A reminder of the Umbrella Movement.

3d 4

1 – Making the most of the buffet at the staff do!

2 – Enjoying his ‘Ryan and the Beaster Bunny’ beer at Cha Cha Wan with Giles (the food is amazing too, but we were too busy devouring everything to take photos; I’ll try and get a few snaps next time! In the mean time, Iris has some beautiful photos of their delicious food and decor).

3 – Taking a stroll on the Maclehose Trail

4 – Muscleman!

Happy Wednesday! 😀



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