February though Instagram

I don’t want to brag (I do), but this is the most punctual post I’ve ever done! #ProBlogger

Anyway, in the words of Mulan’s love-interest; let’s get down to business.

hong kong

1 – Twinkly lights on my way home from work

2 – Genki sushi takeout

3 – Lovely Indian dinner with Dave and Teri

4 – My favourite Thorntons chocolates (Thanks Jim, if you’re reading this!)


1 – Picked up some flowers to brighten up the flat

2 – Ry’s Valentines Day present

3 – Yummy Japanese buffet for V-Day

4 – Ry bought me roses. What a romantic :’)


1 – Great packaging. Disappointing taste (they don’t really taste of much, just slightly sweet and salty)

2 – Epic homemade burgers!

3 – Loved having a little chat and sharing my blueberries with these cuties on my break at work.

4 – Fran sent me an rad goody bag 😀


1 – We had 5 days off for Chinese New Year and my first evening was spent at my aunties having a delicious hotpot.

2 – A close-up on the action. Those giant scallop sashimi in the bottom left hand corner were the biggest and tastiest I’ve ever had! 😀

3 – The best thing about being called Queenie is that my students love drawing me with a crown, so it makes me feel like a princess (or a queen, haha!)

4 – Another student didn’t even have a class last week, but came in to give me this picture that she’d drawn at home. SO CUTE!

Here’s a film snap from a day out in Central.



1 – The cutest red pockets I received this year for CNY (I realize they’re not red, but they were excellent money holders) 😉

2 – Starting our day out in Central with noodles, wontons and beef brisket at Mak’s Noodles (we thoroughly recommend a visit!)

3 – Ry really wanted a picture with this horse display at the IFC mall…

4 – So excited to discover that a Butchers Club has opened in Central. As we’d already had lunch, we just tried out their triple fried, duck fat fries. Verdict: YUM!


1 – Second pancake day

2 – Ry had mastered the Londoner’s delicious grain-free, banana and blueberry pancakes. They’re so healthy and easy to make; we actually had them 4 days in a row for brunch…

3 – Amazing mountains of Korean fried chicken at Hof & Soju in TST with Rico and Joee! Although there was a bit of a wait as the restaurant is quite small, we can promise you that it’s totally worth it! (However if you cba to wait, they also have a takeaway just down the road). The chicken was perfectly flavoured and didn’t feel greasy at all, so you could almost argue that it’s healthy 😉

4 – After dinner, we popped over to King Ludwig Beerhall for a drink. #cheekbones

Towards the end of my 5 day holiday, I popped over to my aunties again for Poon Choi. This refers to basin meals that are popular in the autumn and winter or on special occasions throughout the year. It is made up of many layers of different ingredients. Items such as vegetables, Chinese radishes, pigskin and bean curd are usually placed at the bottom to soak up all the flavours. The middle section may include pork and Chinese dried mushroom. Finally the top layer contains meat, seafood and rare/expensive ingredients e.g. abalone and sea cucumber. This attentive design of layering the ingredients contributes to the taste of the whole dish.

2c 3

1 – Classic family gathering snap

2 – Every special occasion deserves cake

3 – The youngest family members blowing out the candles

4 – Nan being paparazzied as she cut the cake (you can see our reflections in the top left, haha!)


1 – Enjoying our 3 course meal at the Chop House over Hong Kong Restaurant Week i.e. the biggest dining event in Hong Kong with over 100 restaurants offering set menus at set prices.

To find out more, click here. (It ends on the 8th March, so chop chop!)

2 – Kovina and I went for the ribs with thick cut chips with coleslaw, which we both enjoyed. It was so filling; I’m disappointed to inform you that I couldn’t even finish the last rib! (Big thanks to Kovina for letting me nab her photos as my photos were too dark)

3 – Ry came back from work last night with this monstrosity.

4 – He was also given a box of Lindt bad-boys from one of his students for CNY

Finally, I’m selling some pre-loved clothes on Depop and I’d love it if they could go to a loving new home!

Help a sister out 😉


Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! ❤



6 thoughts on “February though Instagram

  1. The food, omg the food in this! I keep scrolling up and down. I think the pancakes and berries picture is my favourite. And the sushi. And the chocolates. Oh well.

    • Oh god, I didn’t even realise I’d taken so many food snaps this month, haha!

      Annie, you need those pancakes in your life, they’re super healthy and easy to make! Oh and delicious, of course 😉

    • Cheers Jim, I’m going to try my best to be more punctual with posts! 😀

      Thanks again for the chocolate! We’re still savouring the lemon Lindt number you sent us, its so yum!

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