Ed Sheeran gig!

Last night, Ry and I rushed out of work and hopped straight onto the MTR to make our way over to the AsiaWorld-Expo to see Ed Sheeran!

We made it just in time for his second song, a mash-up of ‘Nina’ and ‘No Diggity’ (2 of my favourites!)

ed sheeran

My friend later informed me that we’d only missed ‘I’m a Mess,’ which I found a great copy of here – so all’s good 😉


We shuffled our way through the huge crowd; there was an amazing atmosphere!


Ed delivered a delicious mix of songs from both his albums.

The whole set was just absolutely incredible and mesmerizing!


‘The A Team’ was a standout as everyone held up their lights and it was kinda magical.


We also loved the mash-ups that he did with his own songs and those of Stevie Wonder, Iggy Izalea and Blackstreet!


Ry was ecstatic that he played ‘I See Fire,’ which was our highlight of the night. He had a such big grin on his face all the way through – it was so cute! They even had Smaug in the background 😀

Sorry about the bad photo quality; it’s just a print-screen from the video that Ry took.


Although the tickets were quite pricey, it was totally worth it!

I still can’t get over how talented he is…


If Ed’s playing near you, snap up those tickets ASAP – we promise you won’t regret it 😉


Here’s a few cheeky snaps of us at the end of the gig.


Ry’s looking FIERCE.


Oh and if you guys fancied checking out his phenomenal performance of ‘I See Fire,’ here you go 😉

Happy Wednesday!



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