20 Things I Learnt at University

As I had so much fun reminiscing back to uni days in my previous post, I decided to continue down memory lane and share some (useful) life-lessons that I learnt in my first year of university.


  1. This is most students’ first time away from home and having to become pretty damn independent. For me, it was the first time that I’d cooked all my own meals. University was surprisingly where I discovered the beauty of cheese on toast. And boy, did I perfect my technique. So much so, that I gained a stone within the first semester. I’m sure all the Nutella on toast, pasta and bulk buying discounted Ben and Jerrys also contributed to this problem. Basically, learn to cook healthily and control your portion sizes!
  1. In an attempt to lose weight in my second semester after the Christmas holidays when my parents and boss informed me that I’d put on loads of weight and that my face resembled a bread bun, I decided to try the Special K Diet. Turns out, the cereal-diet situ apparently didn’t also work with Cheerios (which taste much nicer).
  1. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat out of a saucepan. It saves washing up and the effort of transferring it onto a plate. Girl’s gotta get ready for the dancefloor.
  2. Living in a flat with 4 other people means that someone will always be up for sharing a takeaway with you – score! This kinds defeats point one, but I won’t tell if you won’t 😉

1 1a

5. Avoid the Fresher’s Fayre.

Waiting in line for hours for a chain of hula flowers and a free cold slice of Dominos was not my idea of a good time.

6. Make your room feel like home.

You’ll be here for a year, so head down to the poster fair! Paperchase wrapping paper, postcards and photos also make great decorations. I changed my wall displays around quite a lot when procrastinating.

4 5

7. If you’re the kind of person that says a lot of wise stuff that other people may deem as not so wise, maybe just keep it to yourself, else you’ll get a list in the kitchen titled “Great stuff that Queenie says” – Yup, I’m 90% sure that’s what it was called…

8. A sponge is a perfectly acceptable birthday present (may not apply to everyone/anyone else). Cheers for your unique gift, Nikki and Marcus. I stuck it on my wall and it made me laugh and reminded me of my 19th birthday!


9. When your Welsh flat-mate stumbles into your room after a night out with a leek around her neck, just go with it.

10. Same goes for your mate across the hall who keeps singing the Lion King classic: “I just can’t wait to be king.”


11. If you’re in Southampton, don’t wear nice shoes to Jesters. Drink lots of Jesticles and have an amazing time though! 😉


12. Drinking out of a neon bucket is super exciting and makes you feel like you’re at a Full Moon Party.


13. As seen in my previous post, if you have rad flatmates, throw lots of flat parties!

They’re more convenient, cheaper and better than having to brave the cold to get to a club. Let’s face it; it’s cold in England 80% of the time. Also you’ll actually be able to chat to lots more people than you would in a noisy club. WIN WIN.


14. Turning everything upside down in your flatmate’s room when he’s away, but left his door unlocked, is an excellent way to spend your time. Maybe throw in a carrot for good measure. #SorryDingle


15. It’s also kinda hilarious to find out that your friends have done this to your room while you were out. (This probably only works if you come home drunk).


16. If you live on the ground floor, don’t leave your window open after having been chased by boys with water-guns all day. They have no limits.

17. You won’t be best friends/ stay in contact with everyone that you meet in your first year, so make the most of having so many friends in such close proximity!

18. This is kinda obvious, but go and see your friends at their universities and invite them to yours too! Visiting Linda in Brighton was one of my highlights as I absolutely fell in love with the place, along with beautiful Oxford where Til introduced us to the wonder of Ben’s Cookies i.e. the best cookies in the universe. Oh and punting; I was awful at it, but Em was a natural! Also one of my favourite weekends during uni was when Sam and Linda came to visit me! 😀

14 15 16 17

19. If you have a cinema at uni, make the most of it because cinemas in the real world are pricey (without Orange Wednesdays).

20. Take lots of photos!

Unless you fail your first year, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so capture those memories. Myself and my fellow avid-photographer babe, Nikki, were lucky enough to be invited to be the events photographers for our friend’s Languages Ball and another pal’s AIDS awareness charity night. These were awesome as we got a free delicious three course meal and a chance to see some fantastic acts!

18 19

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it’s given you a few tips if you’re heading to uni soon!

Let me know if you have any tips/funny memories in the comments section 😉

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!



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