25 Facts About Ryan

  1. I grew up in Southampton, England. It’s known for where the Titanic departed from.
  2. I have 2 older brothers.
  3. I studied archaeology at the University of Southampton, which was fun. It took me out of my comfort zone, which were…
  4. …creative subjects as I studied media and film at college.

hong kong

5. I like to skate, ideally with a longboard.

6. I joined the extreme sports society (XXS) in my second year of university, where I made some great friends! A highlight of the society events was a 3 day Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance charity skate.

b c d

7. I like anime. My favourite series are Cowboy Bebop and Dragonball Z.


8. I’m also a huge gamer, currently replaying Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts.


9. Favourite films (this changes frequently): Nightcrawler, The Dark Knight, Gladiator, Laputa, The Hobbit Trilogy.

10. Favourite TV series: Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

11. Favourite food: lasagna (preferably my mum’s).

12. Although my top GCSE qualification was food technology, I don’t like cooking. Apart from pancakes and hot chocolates…


13. Brighton is my favourite place to visit in England. It’s a liberal and creative haven.

h i

14. My first trip out of the country was to New York. We visited museums, restaurants and the Empire State Building. I’d like to go back to visit places off the beaten track.


15. My next holiday was a lads’ excursion to Spain that featured mostly clubs and Barcelona.

k l

16. Finbar and I stayed in Amsterdam for 2 weeks with the help of my uncle and his amazing flat. More cultured this time…

m n

17. My first job was charity fundraising. It was hard work and gave me a good perspective on how challenging some jobs can be.

18. I moved to Hong Kong in 2013, which is the most life changing decision I’ve ever made!

o p q r

19. My first full time job was English tutoring, which I’m still enjoying.

hong kong

20. I’m an avid runner and I also enjoy hiking. One of my favourites is the Tuen Mun portion of the Maclehose Trail in Hong Kong.


21. Sha Tin is my favourite part of Hong Kong, because it has a great museum and awesome scenery of mountains and tower blocks. It’s also home to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and the temporary Studio Ghibli Layout Designs Exhibition last year. We visited 3 TIMES!


22. My best experience in Hong Kong so far was when my best friends, Craig and Finbar, came to visit!


23. I enjoyed a week in Thailand last year. However I wish I’d put on factor 50 sun-cream earlierw

24. Japan has always been my top holiday destination and I’m so excited to be finally going there next month for my 25th birthday!

25. I recently discovered that Adventure Time is my inspiration for life. #FriendsAndAdventure



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