I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a few months now, but the weather on our days off have been pretty dull.

However the sun was shining last Friday so I picked up my camera and took a few shots of our humble abode. These are one of my favourite kinds of posts to read as I think the way that people decorate their space says a lot about them and I’m just a bit nosy! 😉


As most flats in Hong Kong are in tower blocks, they all have gates outside the door.

So I decided to jazz ours’ up with some butterfly and Totoro stickers.

hong kong

If you turn to your left as you enter, you’ll find our kitchen.


This is the living room.


We shut the doors for better lighting on Ry 😉

Also my auntie’s pleather sofa was getting a little run down, so we popped the softest blanket on top (it resembles a beach towel, but whatevs).


Yes, we put tinsel up for Christmas in 2013 and haven’t taken it down yet.

I’ve been meaning to buy/make some bunting but never got round to it, so this is our sparkly substitute!


Funky fish from a local market stall over Chinese New Year.


Ry created this poster for our second anniversary 😀


This is my blogging zone.

Obviously the walls are covered with post-it notes and lists…


Our overly decorated fridge and on the right, you’ll find a rad picture that Josh drew of me and a hamster with a jar of Nutella and strawberries.


The top of our fridge features a Super Mario that we found outside our local 7/11 (finders keepers), the Dragonball Z tower that I bought for Ry this Valentines Day, LSP from Josh and a Pokeball that helps Ry make decisions when he’s being particularly indecisive.


This is our front door, which you may recognize if you’ve been following our blog for a while 😉


Some of our favourite photos from 2014.


Jazzing up light switches.

13 13a

Our bathroom (I wish we had a bath too…)


The bedroom and spare room.


Welcome to the sleeping arena.

14a 15

Posters from a Street Art Exhibition, a GTA poster from the walls of Central, stickers that made a great little wall display, a Final Fantasy number from Dave and I nabbed a poster from the Ellie Goulding gig last year.


A sepia world map from my dear McMuffin and Ry got creative with the crack in the wall…

17 18

Awesome postcards from the Studio Ghibli Layout Designs Exhibition.


I think I may be addicted to stickers…


Plants are great.


Finally here is our spare room that many friends have graced with their presence…

21a 22

More plants and ornaments.

23 24

Canvas wardrobe and a spare mattress for our lovely visitors!


A lucky clover and a glass skull.


I’ll leave you with a view from the spare room.

The windows could probably do with a clean, haha!


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that it’s given you an insight into a typical flat in Hong Kong (well, maybe with a few more stickers).

Happy Sunday! 😀



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