Children say the funniest things (Part 1)

As my time as an English tutor will be coming to an end in a few months, I’ve decided to share some of the hilarious things that my 3-6 year old students have come out with!

hong kong

1. Adrian (sings): “Hey…”

    Ben: “Sexy lady!”

2. A chubby 3 year old came to class wearing a bright yellow T-shirt with a duck on it and the older students pretended to eat him, saying “Mmmm, I love duck drumsticks!”

3. A student asked for the rubber that I had in my hand.

    Me: “What do you say?”

    Matthew: “Open sesame!”

4. Jessica: “I’ve got a new goldfish!”

    Me: “Oh, that’s nice. What’s its name?”

    Jessica: “Queenie!”


5. Me: “O stands for…”

    Rosco: “Optimus Prime!”

6. Issac got back from holiday with a tan. He excitedly points to his face and says, “I’m black!”

7. Me: “Frankie are you a boy or a girl?”

    Frankie: “I’m a dinosaur.”

8. Rosco: “I’ve worked so hard today, I’m almost sweating!”


9.   Me: “H stands for…”

      Frankie: “Hot Wheels!”

10. Frankie (randomly, while doing his work): “I’m a dinosaur, RAAAARRRR!”

11. Ernest to a new girl who was crying: “You don’t need to cry, I’m here.” #HeartMelts

12. Me: “What’s your favourite food, Vivian?”

      Viv: *thinks for a while*

      Me: “ice cream, chocolate, pizza?”

      Viv: “I like cheese…with no sugar, because sugar makes me crazy!”


13. Angel (randomly while colouring): “I am so happy!”

14. After replying ‘yes’ to all of my questions asking what she liked…

     Me: “Do you like boys?”

     Angel: “No!”

     Me: “Why not?”

     Angel: “I’m a princess!”

15. Greta (pointing to a picture of cats wearing shoes in her book): “Why aren’t the monkeys wearing shoes?”

     Marco: “Because their mummys don’t have enough money.”


16. Cyrus comes into class wearing new trainers…

     Cyrus: “My shoes make me run faster than a train!”

17. Cyrus is playing with the Lego…

     Me: “What are you making, Cyrus?”

     Cyrus: “A dinosaur”

     Me: “Why’s it got wheels?”

     Cyrus: “It’s a robot dinosaur!”


18.  Me (holding up a brown pencil): “What colour is this?”

       Chun-Leong: “Chocolate!”

19.   I wore a T-shirt with a bicycle on it.

       Anita (points at my top): “You are a bicycle princess!”

20. Anita: “I fed some noodles to a panda when I went to the zoo in China!”


I hope this post has put a smile on your face and that it’s brightened up your Monday! 😀



10 thoughts on “Children say the funniest things (Part 1)

    • Ah, I’m so glad, Jim! 😀

      I might do tutoring again one day, but I need to do something different while I’m still young 😉 I’ll be so sad to leave some of them though x

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