Children say the funniest things (Part 2)

hong kong

1. Jerry: “The fat boy told me this sound last time.”

(He’d had a make-up class with a chubby teacher)

2. After not coming to class for a few months…

    Me: “Wow, I haven’t seen you in a long time, Solar!”

    Solar: “I love you so much!”

3. Janice: “How old are you?”

    Kayley: “I’m 4 and a half.”

    Janice: “I’m 6”

    Kayley: “You’re too short to be 6…you look about 5”

4. The students were playing with the toy food.

    Wesley: “Miss Queenie, what would you like to eat?”

    Me: “I’d like some chicken please, Wesley.”

    Wesley (in Chinese to his friends): “GET THE LADY SOME CHICKEN!”

5. Sum Yi: “Why did you colour the tap in brown?”

    Chan Nok: “Because it’s rusting.”

    Sum Yi: “I think it’s because it’s got some poo on it.”

hong kong

6.   Jeffrey: “I don’t have any underwear on. My mum forgot to put underwear on me.”

7.   I wrote Jeffrey’s name in his book.

      Jeffrey: “Why do all the teachers write that on my books?”

8.  Jerry: “Where’s the fat girl?” (referring to his usual classmate who hadn’t turned up)

      Me: “Do you mean Alison?”

      Jerry: “Yes. Mummy tells me to eat berries so we can keep fit and not fat.”

9.   Theo’s colouring in a dinosaur.

       Zita: “Is that a real dinosaur?”

Theo puts his hand on the dinosaur’s mouth…

       Theo: “No, it’s not real. Look, my hands not even bleeding.”

10.  Esther: “I can hear my little sister outside. Don’t get too close though because she’ll bite you to death. She bit my ear yesterday.”

hong kong

11. Jerry (randomly while doing his work): “Mummy bought lychees today.”

      Me: “That’s nice, Jerry. Do your work please”

      Jerry (a few seconds later to his classmate): “Hey girl, do you want to come to my house for some lychees?”

12. Jeffrey: “I’m only joking!”

      Zenith: “My mum says you’ll lose your teeth if you lie. Let me check your teeth.”

13. Me: “How many boys are here today?”

      Marcus: “3 boys and no girls.”

      Me: “I’m a girl!”

      Wesley: “No, you’re a woman!”

14. Hayson picked up a round black rubber with a white stripe around the centre and keeps sniffing if throughout the lesson.

      Me: “Why are you smelling the rubber, Hayson?”

      Hayson: “It looks like an Oreo!”

15. Ally: “Where do you live?”

      Rabi: “I used to live in my mummy’s tummy.”

      Ally: “Me too!”


16. Hayson helped Asher throw some rubbish in the bin.

      Asher: “Thank you, pretty girl!”

      Hayson: “I’m not a pretty girl. I’m a pretty boy!”

17. Ivan: “Mummy says I can’t eat any more candy, because I’m getting fat.”

18. Hayson: “I’m hungry.”

      Me: “Me too.”

      Hayon: “Me four!”

19. Jeffrey: “Where’s Kayley?” (His classmate who hadn’t turned up)

      Me: “I don’t know; maybe she’s sick.”

      Jeffrey: “Maybe she’s in Taiwan. I think Brandon’s (his other classmate) in Japan.”

20. Rabi comes in doing a manic laugh like an evil genius.

      Me: “Rabi, why have you got such an evil laugh?”

      Rabi: “Ebola?!”

      Classmates: “Rabi has Ebola?!”

Well, that escalated quickly.


21. Rainki pretended to eat her own head using a toy fork.

      Me: “Rainki, what are you doing?”

      Rainki: “My head is a hotdog.”

22. I sneezed.

      Donald: “Quiet, please!”

23. I took my hoody off and revealed a bit of my shoulder.

      Rabi points at my shoulder and asks, “What’s that?”

24. Jocelyn: “You are so beauty!”

25. Samson: “Miss Queenie, I’m Santa Claus!”


If you enjoyed this, go and check out Part 1 😉

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!



5 thoughts on “Children say the funniest things (Part 2)

  1. Haha great! I love the wee gems they come out with. I have a student (who is 6) who has told me on many occasions that he sleeps with no clothes on. No filter.

    • Children are hilarious! There was some really loud construction work going on near our classroom and one of my kids went, “it’s a helicopter,” and another goes “they’re coming to steal our underwear!”

      How do you even come up with that?!

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