March through Instagram

So happy that Ed Sheeran played in Hong Kong; he was absolutely incredible! 😀

hong kong

Bowling and Monopoly for Kovina’s birthday!


Sushi and seafood – YUM!

3 4

1 – Cool packaging on a fizzy vodka juice.

2 – Casual.

3 – Celebrating Tim’s birthday at work.

4 – Been teaching this cutie since playgroup and now I see her 3 times a week in phonics and storytelling classes.


1 – Throwback to teaching my mum how to drive.

2 – Missing these adorable girls!

3 – Trying on glasses that make me look extra Asian in Primarni with McMuffin.

4 – Amazing fro-yo with my auntie Agnes. Yes, the one on the right is a mini cone filled with fro-yo in a big cone. #FroYoInception


1 – ‘Hey Pantry,’ a café in a warehouse

2 – Lookin’ awkward in Chai Wan

3 – Checking out Ho Fan’s beautiful photography at the AO Vertical Art Space

4 – Finally trying out the burgers at The Butchers Club


1 – Adventure Time!

2 – Loving the Coachella range in HnM

3 – A wonderful quote that we should all live by ❤


Stay tuned for our adventures around Japan 😉



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