Children say the funniest things (Part 3)


  1. I came into work with a new fringe.

         Jocelyn: “Miss Queenie, your head is so pretty!”

    2. Me: “Do your work, Brandon.”

        Brandon: “I’m not Brandon. I’m a Halloween witch.”

  1. Janice: “I went to Ocean Park yesterday. I like Ocean Park! I like pandas and dolphins and Mcdonalds!”
  2. Me: “M stands for…”

        Janice: “Mcdonalds!”

  1. Me: “Q stands for…”

        Janice: “Queen! I am Queen Elsa!”


  1. I yawned a few times.

         Ally: “You should go home and sleep if you’re tired.”

  1. Matthew points to a picture of a girl in the book who looked a bit dazed: “Maybe she’s being eaten by a baby wolf.”
  2. Me: “Are you big or small?”

         Janice (3 years old): “I’m a big girl now so I can help mummy.”

  1. Jocelyn: “Miss Queenie, I need a holiday!”
  2. Ping Ping can’t pronounce my name, so he calls me “Miss Creamy”3
  3. Ping Ping helped to tidy up some toys that he didn’t play with.

         Me: “Thank you, Ping Ping! Do you like playing or tidying up more?”

         Ping Ping: “I like to tidy up!”

  1. Ping Ping: “My birthday was on Saturday. I had a birthday party at Mcdonalds with 20 friends. I had 2 cakes and one was a race car!”
  2. Lawrence: “I’m laughing so hard, I can’t even write!”
  3. I hadn’t seen Rabi in a few weeks.

        Me: “Rabi, you look so big today!”

        Rabi: “It’s just my shoes. My shoes make me look big.”

(She was wearing trainers.)


  1. Rabi (singing in March): “Santa Claus is coming to town!”

         Me: “Rabi, it’s not Christmas yet!”

         Rabi: “I’m singing it because mummy always plays it at home. Daniel (her younger brother) always copies me but I don’t know what he’s singing.”

16. Tinky: “So beautiful!”

        Me: “What’s so beautiful?”

        Tinky: “You are so beautiful!”

        Samson: “Oh my god!”

17. Janice gave me a sticker and said, “Happy birthday!”518. Cyrus: “What is black and white and black and white and black and white?”

         Me: “What?”

         Cyrus: “A panda falling down the stairs!”

(The only one of Cyrus’ many jokes that makes sense)

19. Cyrus: “What do ghosts like to eat?”

         Me: “I don’t know. What do they like to eat?”

         Cyrus: “Monkeys!”

         Me: “Why?”

         Cyrus: “Because they have tails.”

20. Cyrus: “What do you call a lion in a van?”

         Me: “What?”

         Cyrus: “Eating a tiger…HAHAHAHA!”

21. Cyrus: “What do you call a bear eating a biscuit?”

         Me: “What?”

         Cyrus: “Eating!”

22. Me: “Are you just making these jokes up, as you go along?”

         Cyrus: “Yes!”


2 thoughts on “Children say the funniest things (Part 3)

  1. Haha this is hilarious! I love hanging out with my little cousins, they come out with the funniest things! I was once helping my little cousin use the bathroom and as she was peeing she grinned up at me and said ‘can you hear it?’

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