Children say the funniest things (Part 4)

0    1.  After being served some toy cup of tea from Wesley.    

         Wesley: “$100 please!”    

         Me: “ $100 for tea?! That’s too expensive. I don’t have enough money!”    

         Wesley: “Oh no!” He then preceded to shut down his restaurant.

  1. Me: “Do your work, Brandon.”

         Brandon: “I’m not Brandon, I’m a monkey”

*does a stellar monkey impression*

  1. Brandon: “finished!”

        Jenni: “me too!”

*Brandon gives Jenni a thumbs up.*

  1. Brandon (randomly, while doing his work): “I’m drinking red wine and driving.”

        Jeffrey: “Be careful on the busy roads.”    

        Szda: “You’ll get hurt if you drink and drive!” 0a

  1. Brandon, pointing to the fluffy black jumper that I was wearing: “RAR, MONSTER!”
  2. Janice: “Mummy says that if I eat lots of rice, I’ll be a big girl.”
  3. I’d taken 10 days off to go to Japan and when Jasmine saw me: “I missed you so much!”
  4. Jocelyn: “I love Jerry not here, because not so noise.” (talkative Jerry of the “hey girl” fame)0b
  5. Maisie (to me): “You are a baby!”

 Matthew: “She’s not a baby. She’s a big people.”

  1. Me: “Maisie, don’t stand by the door please.”

   Matthew: “Yes, you’ll break your head. No more head.”

  1. Matthew said goodbye much louder than everyone else then asked: “Why no one say anything?”
  2. We played the fishing game and Matthew caught many more than the girls, so he shared some of his with them: “I share with the girls.” 0c
  3. Tinky: “Thank you, your majesty!”
  4. Po: “Did you get a haircut?”

         Me: “Yeah, do you like it?”

         Po: “I think it looks funny.”

  1. Me (when Samson had finished his work): “Well done, Samson!”

        Samson (out of breath): “I am so fast!”

  1. Me: “What do you want to dress up as?”

        Janice: “A banana!” 0d

  1. Jocelyn: “You are Miss Queenie. You are the queen teacher!”
  2. Marcus: “If you eat the bubbles, they’ll stay inside you and won’t break.”
  3. Ryan (randomly while doing his work): “I don’t like Kevin.” (I don’t have any students called Kevin.)

Later (randomly while playing Lego): “I like McDonalds.”

  1. Me: “My hands are cold!”

         Hayley: “You can put them under my armpits. It’s really warm there!”


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