Children say the funniest things (Part 5)

May 10th marked my last day at work after just over 2 years, so here’s the final installment of all the hilarious/sweet things that my students came out with!

hong kong

1. Samson: “Miss Queenie, you are so beautiful!”

2. Solar helped Mandy tidy up the toys.

Mandy: “Thanks!”

Solar: “You are most welcome!”

3. Ping Ping, pointed at his McQueen T-shirt: “This is a naughty car. It goes very fast!”

4. Matthew: “Where’s Maisie?” (his usual classmate)

Me: “I don’t think Maisie’s coming today.”

Matthew: “Maybe she’s eating. Or maybe she’s eaten too much food and can’t move.”


5.  Kiki: “Your dress is so beautiful”

6. Ping Ping: “Miss Queenie is so beautiful!”

7.  Me: “X stands for…”

Tiesto: “X box!”

8.  Hayson (randomly): “Come on baby!”


9. Lawrence: “I love you!”

10. Lawrence (randomly): “I am Ironman. I can fly!

11. Me: “What’s bigger than the sun?”

Po: “My mum!”

12. The admin told my class that I was leaving to go back to the UK.

Yoga: “Is Miss Queenie going back to England to get married? I want to go back with her!”


13. Admin (to my class): “You’ll be going upstairs with another teacher.”

Jacky: “Do they have Lego?”

Admin: “Yes.”

Jacky: “Ok, then.”

14. Yoga gave me some chocolates on my leaving day, which happened to be on Mothers’ Day.

Moon and Jacky: “Is that a Mothers’ Day present?”

Me: “Yes. Yoga is my baby.”

*Moon and Jacky are in hysterics.*

15. Ping Ping came up really close to me and whispered: “I’ll miss you”

16. Me: “It’s my last lesson with you today. You’ll have a new teacher next lesson.”

Viann: “What’s her name?”

Me: “Miss Taya.”

Viann: “Taylor Swift?!”

*starts singing Shake It Off*


17. Miss Taya: “How old are you?”

Samson: “I’m in K4.”

Miss Taya: “There’s no K4.”

Samson *big sigh*: “I’m in K4…ok?!”

18. Jeffrey going hyper.

Jenni: “You’re crazy. You should calm down and relax with an iced milk tea.”

19. Jenni: “My mum loves eating sweets. She can eat 100!”

Jeffrey: “She shouldn’t eat so many sweets. She’ll get a big cough.”

20. Jeffrey: “My mum is beautiful. She’s the most beautiful mum in the entire world.”

Jenni: “I bet she’s not as good looking as Jesus!”


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