April through Instagram

Hello again strangers!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last updated my little slice of internet pie! As you can see from the title of this post, I’m rather behind on blogging…

(Just in case you’re interested: I headed back to the UK for a month to see my friends and family, after quitting my job mid-May, as I hadn’t been back since arriving in HK 2 and a half years ago! As most of my friends live all over the country, I was gallivanting all over the place. When I returned to HK, I was busy job-searching and started my new job a week or so later).

More importantly, I’ve finally found a spare moment to tell you about what we got up to in April!

Most of these Instagram snaps were taken on our epic trip to Japan 😀


1-2 Ready to board at the airport!

2 – Enjoying a late night helping of fried chicken on Dotonbori Street in Namba

3 – Lookin’ super stylish in Claires Accessories


Highlights from our day in Dotonbori, Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku Tower, Tennoji Zoo and Shinsaibashi!

4 Feeding the deer among the beautiful cherry blossoms in Nara.5 Celebrating our 4 year anniversary in Kyoto6 Hanging out on top of the Umeda Sky Building!7

The most incredible food at the Kuromon Market in Nipponbashi and being Sailormoon 😉8 Strolling around the picturesque Shinjuku Gyoen Park and wandering over to the Watari Museum of Art.9

1 – Trying to decide which postcards to buy at the museum’s gift shop
2 – Ry adored Akihabara and he bought loads of figurines! If you fancy finding out what he bought, he did a cheeky little haul video that I’ll pop below.
3 – Bright lights on Dotonbori Street
4 – Eating ramen, stood up.


1 – One of my favourite photos from our trip!
2 – Epic samurai statue in Tokyo
3 – Japanese arcades have the most hilarious photo booths. These were taken on Ry’s birthday!
4 – It’s still pretty cold in Japan in April.11 Visiting the Pokemon Centre and the Sunshine Aquarium, based on top of a shopping mall. It’s awesome!12

1 –TAKOYAKI BALLS! These were our favourites as they had egg mayo on the top 😀
2 – The beautiful Meiji Shrines
3 – Giant Gundam!
4 – Strolling through Yoyogi Park
5 – Hey there, Colonel!
6 – Sushi for dinner. (That guy next to Ry was so drunk, haha!)13

3 – Saturday night Japanese buffet at Yuen Long, after work
4 – Chocolate balls.14

A mini picnic on the rooftop of the IFC and some adorable stickers we picked up in Japan! ^.^

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’m going to start working on our Kyoto blog post very soon!



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