May through Instagram (HK)

hong kong

After around 2 years and 3 months, I decided to quit my first job in HK and my last day was on May 10th.

It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to some of my favourite students. Hayson’s parents made the adorable collage for me on the left and Brandon (and his lovely mum) bought me a beautiful pink rose ❤


1 – My gorgeous rose against the door in our old flat.

2 – Free Oreos with milk!

3 – Celebrating my final day at work with my colleagues and lots of cake.


1 – Ry treated me to a yummy meal at the Gold Coast!

2-3 – While we were in Japan, I discovered a little weirdo called Kanna (through a friend of a friend who contacted me because Kanna had been offered a job at my previous workplace and wanted to find out a bit more about it). We went on a few dates and clicked over our mutual love of food and taking pictures of food and talking about food…

The rest is history.

4 – Inspirational chair at Full Cup Café


On a public holiday, we popped over to Lamma Island to enjoy a short hike, a day at the beach and some delicious seafood.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few snaps from Rico’s birthday at a Korean barbecue in TST!

5 6

Get ready for the UK! 😉



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