Broadsands with Leo

By the 13th May, I arrived back in the UK for a month to see all my friends and family as I hadn’t been back to England since I moved to HK mid-January in 2013.

The last time I saw Leo was December 2013 when she popped over to visit me for 2 days before jetting off to Fiji and Oz, the lucky thing!

So on a bright and sunny Saturday morning, she picked me up and whisked me away to Broadsands Beach which brought back lots of happy memories for me. We used to come here quite a lot as it was so close to our secondary school.

Anyway, our first port of call was obviously lunch from Squires, the local chippy. I’m not even ashamed to say that we were the first ones there waiting for them to open at noon. I cannot even begin to describe how exciting this was as I’d been craving proper fish and chips for ages…I’m sure this photo does the trick though 😉


We set up on a grassy area between the two beaches and devoured this little portion of heaven!

0a 1

After lunch, the only obvious thing to do after years apart was to get ALL THE SELFIES!


This is my fave pic of us, ever! ❤


Oh, and I bought my Instax along because they’re bloody awesome.

5 6

After a little sunbathing sesh, we walked through the blustery fields to Elberry Cove.

7 8

We were so lucky for the gorgeous weather that day!

9 10 11

After living in a rather polluted city for years, it felt amazing to be able to breathe in some fresh air 😀

12 13 14

Elberry Cove is a secluded inlet with a small pebble beach that can only be accessed on foot, so it’s nice and relaxing.

If you’re an Agatha Christie fan, Elberry Cove was one of her favourite bathing spots 😉

15 16 17 18 19


20 21 22

We decided to head back to Broadsands Beach via another route…

23 24 25 26

These pastel coloured beach huts are so pretty!

26a 27

Although it wasn’t hot enough for sunbathing on the beach, we still had an excellent time! 😀

29 30 31

If you’re reading this Leo, I MISS YOU! ❤


I’m going to leave you with this corker by Metronomy about the English Riviera, where we’re from.

I think you can just about spot Broadsands when they do the aerial view 😉



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