Dates with Linda

On Sunday, I was reunited with Linda who I’ve known for around 14 years – Isn’t that mad?!


We didn’t take many photos on our first day together but we had a little shop around Torquay. However having been used to shops in Hong Kong closing at around 10.30pm, I had to readjust  to the fact that shops close at around 4pm on a Sunday in England.

So we sauntered over to the ‘new’ selection of restaurants and bars by the harbour. It was great to see a positive change to Torbaydos after being away for a few years. We chilled out and had a few drinks in the lovely Visto Lounge with its mismatched furniture, walls filled with art and funky wallpaper (does anyone say funky anymore?!). When dinner time came around, we headed next door to ‘On the Rocks’ which Leo had recommended and the food was lush! 😀


The next day, Linda picked me up and we drove over to Totnes, a small market town known as a thriving centre for music, art, theatre and natural health. It also has a reputation for having an alternative vibe where organic, ethical and fair trade products and food are the norm.

The streets are filled with independently-owned shops and cafes, which is right up my street 😉

Our first stop was lunch in a really cosy pub…


I had a yummy crab sandwich while Linda opted for the delicious chips and garlic bread.


Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of Totnes as we were in charity shopping mode so here’s a snap that I found online.

Totnes...Pic by JAY WILLIAMS of Bristol. Tel 01275 880579 / 07770 576076, Pic shows Fore Street, the main shopping street in Totnes, Devon.

(Source: Jay Williams for The Telegraph)

It was always one of my favourite past-times in the UK and I think that it’s such a shame that they hardly have any in HK! Linda and I ended up with a bag full of books each, so it was a thoroughly successful day! 😀 Also, here are a few photos that I took in Totnes way back in 2009 which I thought were relevant so I hope you like them!

4a 4b 4c

After shopping, we drove over to Dartmoor to admire the stunning views and animals.

5 6

Though I’m not gunna lie, this was pretty terrifying…

7 8

Although it was really windy and cold, the views were still spectacular!


Oh, and I got to stroke a pony which is always a bonus 😉

11 12 13 14

We saw some sheep too!

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

When you don’t know what to do in a photo…VOGUE!

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Turns out ‘pony-selfies’ are really difficult to get.


At least we made it look effortless and glam…

34 35

Who needs to go to the zoo, eh? 😉

36 37 38 39

After Leo had finished work, we met her for dinner at The Willow Tree in Torquay. I’d been craving a roast for so long and the food is so good and so cheap there! You pick 2 meats (I always go for the gammon and turkey) and pile on as many vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy as you can handle!



Thanks for the fun times, Linda! ❤



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  1. this looks so fun and delicious! beautiful pictures too 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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