Brixham with Til

After years apart, Til made her way back from the big smoke of London to her hometown of Brixham, a picturesque little fishing town.

Brixham always has lots of events going on down by the harbour and that weekend, we happened to be there in time for Brixfest, which according to the website is a ‘Gold Award Winning Festival.’

It’s an annual family festival which celebrates its beautiful town and heritage. Brixham boasts a tight knit community and Brixfest is a product of local businesses and members of the community pulling together to produce a three day event which includes fireworks, live music, cooking demonstrations and heritage craft exhibitions, to name a few.

Anyway, our first stop was Rockfish, a new (to me) seafood restaurant, which Til had raved about. Girl knows me well 😉

Perhaps the closest restaurant to the source of fish in the UK, the restaurants sits in the world famous fish market.

We shared a delicious started of Crispy Fried Salt and Pepper Prawns.


Then we proceeded to wait a long, long time for our mains to arrive…According to their website, the restaurant “overlooks the boats as they land their catch which is in their kitchen an hour or so later.” Luckily we had lots to catch up on which distracted us a little from our rumbling tummies!

From my memory, I think I had cod and Til had another type of fish. It was delicious but for the price and time that we had to wait, I’d have hoped for a much larger portion of fish. Nevertheless, the unlimited portion of chunky chips was excellent!


After lunch, we walked over to the gorgeous Breakwater Beach and I treated myself to a Twister, my favourite ice lolly – I was so excited that I dived straight in before thinking to document this momentous occasion.

Who do I need to talk to to get these bad boys in HK?!


Next up, we decided to walk along the Breakwater and reached the lighthouse at the end.

4 5

I didn’t take many photos from our walk this time, only a few Instax…

6 7 7a

…so here are some that I took way back in 2009. The weather was just as lovely and the views across the harbour and Torbay were incredible!

7b 7c 7d 7e

As the sun began to set, Til and I opted for homemade pizzas from a van at Brixfest. Til went for the tuna number while I chose the pulled pork and jalapeño one.

We sat by the harbour and devoured them – NOM NOM NOM NOM!


We met up with Em, who was also back for the bank holiday weekend, and her mum for a walk along the harbour before the fireworks.

9 11 12

I like to think that these were for my return 😉

13 14 15 16

Oh Brixham, never change! ❤



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