That time Finbar cooked us all a roast.

While I was in Southampton, I paid a little visit to Ry’s family, who are like a second family to me (especially his mum, who kept my tummy happy with her huge portions of lasagnas, spag bols and roasts throughout my second and third year of uni). If you’re reading this Ielona; THANKS, YOU ROCK! 😀

Anyway, Finbar (Ry’s bff) had promised Ry’s family, Craig (Ry’s next door neighbor/ bff) and I that he would cook us all a roast once I was back in the UK, so we all jumped in the car and made our way over to Hythe. Summer played ‘Shake it off’ on her phone on repeat for the entire journey…

We finally arrived and I can safely say that Finbar did GOOOOOD.

england 2

Cheers Fin-bob 😉


After dinner, we went for a lovely stroll down by the water and I took a photo for Ry 🙂

4 5

Hythe’s position is great for viewing ocean liners and arriving at the port of Southampton, attracting many ship-watchers to the area. There is also a marina in which a large number of yachts and boats are moored.

Even their benches are themed…


Look at this cheeky little monkey!

6 6a

As it started to rain (typical British weather), we went back to Finbar’s and chatted the night away…


With a few selfies and Instax thrown in for good measure 😉

(Sorry about the terrible quality of these photos though, my Iphone 4 has now been well and truly ditched).

8 8a 8b 10

Finally, I’ll leave you with this clip of Ry’s niece who had a lot of questions to ask him.

The final question is quite something.

Thanks for the great food and an awesome night, Finbar! 😀



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