Brighton with Josh

Brighton is one of my favourite cities in England. My top pal, Linda, went to uni there and when I went to visit her way back in 2010, I just absolutely fell in love with it.

This time, I took JT and we passed this very Banksy-esque graffiti on the way to Southampton train station.


For those of you haven’t heard of or been to Brighton, it’s a city by the sea full of small independent shops, second hand clothes and cafes a.k.a. my idea of a good time!

When we arrived, we went for a Pizza Hut buffet as Pizza Hut is much better in England than HK. Plus they don’t have buffets in HK!


While in Brighton, I had to introduce Josh to my favourite cookie stall – BEN’S COOKIES!

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but these cookies are just amazing.

They’re just so fresh, gooey, chunky and everything that’s right with the world.


My personal fave is the ‘Double Chocolate Chunk’ while Josh opted for the coconut number.

4 5

Thank me later 😉


We also passed Choccywoccydoodah, an art and design focused chocolaterie born in this very city.


They always have the most incredible window displays as they “specialize in one-off sculptured fantasies.”

8 9

Of course we couldn’t visit Brighton without checking out some of their awesome shops!


Rad painting of Daenerys.


Adorable window display and neon lights.

11 12

Snooping around the vintage haven of ‘Snoopers Paradise.’


Wishing I’d bought this now…


14 15

The coolest cupcakes that I’ve ever seen.

16 17

Even the ground is decorated in Brighton 😉


After wandering around the shops, we popped over to the pier.

18 19

Josh was adamant that we get this panoramic photo of us together.

It took quite a few attempts but we nailed it!

20 21 22 22a 23 24

At the end of the pier, you’ll find lots of fairground rides which seem to run all year round.


Just looking at this makes me feel a bit nauseous…


I love blue skies!

27 28 2930

Chilling (literally) on the beach, you can admire the view of The West Pier which was constructed in 1866 to attract tourism to Brighton. It reached its peak attendance after a concert hall was added in 1916 with 2 million visitors between 1918 and 1919.

However its popularity began to decline after World War 2 and concerts were replaced by a funfair and tearoom. A local company took ownership in 1965 but couldn’t meet the increased maintenance cost or find a suitable buyer, so the pier closed in 1975 and subsequently fell into disrepair.


Major sections of the pier collapsed in late 2002 and two fires in 2003 left little of the original structure so English Heritage declared it to be beyond repair.

However the skeletal ruin of the West Pier has become an iconic feature of Brighton’s seafront.

32 33

When dinner time rolled around, I took Josh to a tapas place that Linda and I went to many moons ago. I remember loving the food and atmosphere in there!

Casa Don Carlos is a warm, family-run Spanish restaurant nestled in the Lanes…


There’s a huge variety of delicious tapas which meant that Josh had lots of vegetarian options to choose from too.

He ordered something that came with a few olives (which I devoured as Josh isn’t a fan of them) and they were honestly the best olives that I’ve ever had. I could really do with some right now, as it goes!


As you may have guessed already, I opted for the seafood options 😉

I had a delicious seafood soup and mussels in a tomato sauce.

There was another dish but I didn’t take a photo of it so I can’t remember what it was but it was most likely divine.


If you love tapas and sharing dishes of delicious, reasonably-priced food as much as I do, I’d whole-heartedly recommend this place.


Unfortunately, our journey back to Southampton was an absolute nightmare with lots of delays. Our journey would have been even worse if a kind lady hadn’t offered us a lift back to Southampton. Luckily, her daughter who came to the station to pick her up happened to live next to the road that Josh lived on – what a small world!

Kindness is magic.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope y’all are having the best day with your loved ones and ALL THE FOOD! 😉



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