May through Instagram (UK)


  1. On the evening of the 13th May, I got on a flight for my first trip back to the UK since being in HK almost 2 and a half years.
  2. After arriving in England at around 5am the next morning, I waited in the coach station watching The US Office (best series ever) for a few hours before my 5 hour coach to Paignton arrived.
  3. I’ve missed car boot sales so much! My family and I used to go every Sunday for a barg 😉
  4. My dad’s friend had recently re-opened his restaurant after getting it decorated and very kindly invited our family over for a free Chinese buffet! 😀


  1. As my parents would be moving house soon, I had to sort through all of my old boxes full of random memories. I came across this old photo of Leo and I from 2008 on our way to see The Days (a support band for Elliot Minor. We didn’t stick around for the main act though, haha!)
  2. Oh the beautiful uni nights of sticky dancefloors, sweaty students and Jesticles!
  3. I love this book.
  4. The photo booth at Snoopers Paradise is awesome.


1-2. Torquay Harbour looking rather beautiful on a date night with Leo.

  1. We had dinner at Harbour Kitchen for the first time and the food was delicious! I went for the “Fillet of Brill, Mussels & Clams, Salt & Ash Celeriac, Kale, Fennel Gratin, Bisque” and true to its name, it was BRILL! 😀
  2. Virgin Kitchen Cooler (elderflower, cucumber juice, mint, rose water, soda) – It’s ok. If I were to go again, I’d probs go for another mocktail. I am kinda obsessed with Virgin Marys so…


Harbour Kitchen’s décor is the perfect mix of nautical and trendy with its rose gold anchors, filament lamps and framed art prints.


  1. On my first day in Southampton, Josh took me to 7-Bone, a new (to me) burger joint in Portswood, where I lived during my second and third year of uni. I opted for the sliders because I couldn’t decide on just one burger. They were yum and the staff were really friendly!
  2. Just hangin’ out with my mate, Kev.
  3. An average day with Josh.


  1. Southampton Uni’s library, oh the memories!
  2. Cuddles with Ffion ❤
  3. Cheeky Diegos with the lads.


  1. Visiting Nikki in Poole.
  2. I love British KFC. The fried chicken in HK sucks!
  3. Party Tigers reunited! 😀


  1. Ry’s parents took me on a lovely daytrip to Salisbury where Ielona (Ry’s mum) and I dipped in and out of all of the charity shops which was lots of fun! We also came across this owl.
  2. There was also a food market going on and we bought so many olives!
  3. While I was at home in Paignton, my parents were helping a friend in Blackpool so I indulged in my favourite Indian takeaway quite a few times! If you’re in the area, order from The Vindaloo because the food is incredible. I’d thoroughly recommend the Chicken Rogan Josh and Bombay Potatoes 😉
  4. Taking a few snaps in the world’s least flattering photo-booth at the Urban Outfitters in Camden for our uni-flat reunion!


Sadie organized a lovely three course meal for us at Gilgamesh in Camden. I had the salt and pepper chili squid, seafood curry and ice cream. The curry was great and I had such an amazing time catching up with some of my favourite uni gal pals! ❤

I’m slowly but surely catching up on writing up these old posts, so next stop…JUNE! 😀



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