Adventures with Sarah

By the afternoon of 31st May, my train pulled into Guildford where my beautiful Sarah was waiting for me in the car park and we whizzed round the corner to her place where I dropped off all my luggage.

As always, food was high on the agenda so we popped into the local Wetherspoons and I had a fry up.

I’m a big fan of this plate.


After lunch, we took the train over to Camden to meet Sadie and Marianne, our lovely uni flatmates.

We met in Urban Outfitters which happened to have a photo booth…


…the world’s most unflattering photo booth, haha!


Anyway we caught up with a few drinks before having a little wander around the shops and markets.

Can you spot Sarah and Sadie?!

I didn’t actually realize that they were in this pic until I put it on my laptop :p


Camden’s markets are really interesting with stalls selling food from all over the world (they smell amazing and I had to refrain myself from buying a few snacks before dinner). The area is also popular for those who lead alternative lifestyles with stalls selling goods of all types, including fashion, books, food, antiques etc.

I bought a snazzy pair of big, purple sunglasses for a fiver – bargain! 😉

After a spot of shopping and browsing, we headed over the Gilgamesh where Sadie had organized a lovely 3 course meal for us.

I went for the salt and pepper chili squid, seafood curry and ice cream 😀


Thanks for a great end to May, girls!

Let’s do this again sometime 😉


1st June         

The next day, Sarah and I did a spot of shopping in Guildford. There are some great high street shops, nothing out of the ordinary, but their Topshop is pretty big and had some great products in so I stocked up on lots of awesome jewellery.

Oh and Sarah loves charity shops as much as I do and there were quite a few gooduns’ in Guildford!


Also, if you don’t know already, I love buying cards! However the range in HK is expensive and mostly lame so I stocked up on cards from Paperchase and Tiger (man, I love that place. Everything is so awesome and cheap).

It’s always someone’s birthday or it’s just nice to send someone a card to let them know that you’re thinking about them 😉


All that shopping called for a break at Creams Café where Sarah and I shared ‘The Rocher Sundae’ which was amazing!

Ferrero Rocher ice cream is always a good idea 😉


Catching up on our selfie game.

3a 3ab

If I was single, this would deffo be my profile pic to lure the boys in.

3abc 3b

Oh and a few cheeky snaps for my Instax album 😉


With renewed chocolatey energy, we did a food shop in MnS (because MnS food is AMAZING) to cook dinner at Sarah’s. When we got back, we cosied up on the sofa and watched New York Minute (a Mary Kate and Ashley classic) alongside an feast of mussels, cottage pie, baby potatoes and mixed veg.


2nd June

In typical British fashion, it was raining the next morning so we headed to the cinema.

I’ve been craving a Tango Blast for so long so you could say that I was pretty excited about this trip…


We went for ‘Man Up’ which was about a single woman who accidentally took the place of a stranger’s blind date. It was a predictable but good watch! 😀

Luckily the rain had disappeared by the end of the film so we took a romantic walk along the river.


So many ducks!

7 7a

We then visited Guildford Castle which was thought to have been built shortly after the 1066 invasion of England by William the Conqueror.

9 9a

I love you, SB ❤

10 11

Later on, we picked up Sarah’s boyfriend, Davey, who would be joining us for dinner at Lobster and Steak along with the lovely Daisy and Paul.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, they only do lobster and steak.

Everyone went for the lobster which was yum! 😀

14 15 16

After dinner, we went for another helping of ice cream at Creams Café around the corner and played a few games of Connect 4 at a pub (Sarah is the reigning champion after years of practice), before heading home.

3rd June

On my final day with Sarah (sob), we drove down to Bournemouth and it was a beautiful day!

17 17a

We visited the local aquarium


Turtles are rad.


Luckily, we were there during their feeding time so we got right to the front and it was awesome! 😀


After a few games at the arcade, I had to leave my beloved Sarah to get on a train headed to Poole to meet Nikki McMuffin


Thanks for all the fun, Sarah!

I love and miss you lots ❤



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