Weymouth with Nikki

During uni, Nikki and I went on quite a few day-trips but we never got round to visiting Weymouth, a seaside town that she had recommended.

However 3rd June was a different kettle of fish.

We hopped on a bus to take us to the train station and rode 45 minutes to Weymouth.

Check out the beautiful view!


As always, our first order of the day was lunch.

You can’t go to the seaside and not have fish and chips, amirite?! 😉


Or battered sausage and chips, if you’re McMuffin.


On our way to the beach, we passed The Jubilee Clock tower which is one of the iconic symbols of Weymouth.

It was built in 1887 to mark the Golden Jubilee (50 years) of reign by Queen Victoria.


Weymouth Beach is the most beautiful beach that I’ve seen in England, with its fine, golden sand and epic views.

It also helped that the weather was on our side 😉

5 6 7

No daytrip is complete without a good ol’ selfie.


The views from the bay are spectacular, stretching across the horizon and taking in the World Heritage Jurassic Coastline.




There were also some deckchairs with awesome artwork on display.

11 12 13

Loving the fish and chips castle ❤

14 15 16 17

I don’t even know what we’re laughing at but I’m sure it was HILARIOUS.


There are traditional British seaside attractions such as Punch and Judy and donkey rides, to events such as beach volleyball championships, live music and a fireworks display in the summer.

18 19 20 20a

The Punch and Judy tent made for an excellent backdrop for an OOTD.


Nikki looked way cooler than I did though…


I never know what to do with myself in photos alone.


Weymouth also has a sand sculpture festival between March and November but we didn’t check out Sandworld this time. However we did see this impressive display as we were passing.

If you’re interested, the theme for 2015 was ‘Best and British’ featuring British icons such as Winston Churchill, The Beatles, Harry Potter and One Direction to name a few.

I wonder what 2016 has in store for Sandworld


A merry-go-round by the sea.


After our fill of sea air, we decided to hit the shops.


Weymouth has shops full of tourist souvenirs like any typical seaside town, such as rock, postcards, keyrings, magnets etc.

27 28

However it also has lots of independent shops full of quirky homeware and nautical-themed bits and bobs, along with your typical high street shops.

So there’s something for everyone 😉

29 30 31

I had a rather successful shopping trip to New Look where I finally found the jumpsuit that I’d been eyeing up for a while in my size! 😀

I’ll be flaunting that bad-boy in the next post when we headed over to Paris, so keep an eye out!

Our final tour of Weymouth ended at the beautiful harbour…

32 33 34

…before heading back to Nikki’s for a Chinese takeaway and Marilyn Monroe films.

All in all, an excellent day!

Great shout, Nikki! Weymouth is beautiful ❤


Happy 2016!



2 thoughts on “Weymouth with Nikki

  1. I absolutely adore the British seaside – can’t beat it 😉 I haven’t been to Weymouth for years but this brought back plenty of memories.

    Thanks for your comment on my 2016 to do list post – I’ll check out Jessica Jones because my partner has been trying to make me watch it too!

    • Weymouth is deffo the prettiest beach I’ve come across in the UK!

      We watched 2 episodes of it but I didn’t actually enjoy it as much as I thought I would…am going to give it another go, though! Lemme know what you think of it 🙂

      Thanks so much for popping by! 😀

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