The most beautiful beach in Hong Kong

21st June, 2015

To make the most of the public holiday, Mike had suggested that we hike to what is known as the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong. So I woke up very early in the morning and trekked over to Sai Kung to meet everyone at around 9am. As with all great adventures, we grabbed breakfast in the form of noodles and congee at a local restaurant before setting off.

As there were 7 of us, we decided to take 2 taxis to the Sai Wan Pavillion instead of waiting around in the rain for a bus. We all had our fingers crossed that the rain would die down over the course of the day.

Our taxi whizzed us through steep and winding roads that gave us a great view of the reservoir.


Our taxi cost around $90 but if you want to go for a cheaper option, you can also take the 29R bus to the last stop or you could take the mini-bus which costs $15.

During high season (summer), you can also hire a water taxi to take you to Ham Tin Wan which fits around 21 people. It should cost $130-150 each way per person. I hear that they’ll overcharge if they can, so it’s cheaper to share the boat with many people.

However we decided to hike!

So when we got out of the taxi, we all sprayed ourselves with mosquito repellent because you’re likely to get a few bites on a hike, especially after the rain

Poor Ant had around 10 new bites by the time that we reached the beach!


As Mike and Justin had visited the beach before, we just followed them. However the trail to Tai Long Wan is easy because there aren’t many forks and you just hug the coastline.

At a casual rate, the hike takes around an hour and a half to reach the beach.

3 4 5

Although it takes a little bit of hard work to get to the dream beach, the journey is rewarding in itself.

The scenic path takes you alongside mountains and the High Island Reservoir, descending downwards towards the beach.

6 7 8

There are four beaches along the bay of Tai Long Wan: Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay).

It is not to be confused with its namesakes on HK Island and Lantau. (From previous experience, the one on HK Island is great for sunbathing but it’s quite crowded and the water is so dirty. However the one on Lantau is much nicer, but still nothing compared to the paradise that we were about to come across).

You could stop at one of the easier to reach beaches, but going the extra distance is worth it, trust me 😉

Karman and I waded through the clear water, hand in hand, to get to the other side.


The views are stunning!

10 11 12 13 14

Of course we had to get a group pic once THE beach (Ham Tin Wan) was within view; luckily the sky had cleared up a bit too!


I still can’t really believe that this beach is in Hong Kong!

I didn’t think that such white sand and clear blue seas were even possible here!

There are few places in Hong Kong that are as remote or as beautiful as Tai Long Wan beach, without a high rise in site.


Ham Tin Beach in Tai Long Wan is the most popular of the four beaches, not only due to its natural beauty but for its facilities too. There are two small restaurants, boards for rent (as the waves are great for surfing) and camping equipment.


The boys informed us that we had to book a speedboat back as soon as we got there, else we would have to hike all the way back. This would also mean less time at the beach because it would be very dangerous to hike once it gets dark. The last boats usually leave at 6pm, costing around $150.

Unfortunately we were told that we’d have to hike back because no speedboats would come out in the heavy rain that was forecast for later in the day, but we just sucked it up and made the most of being on the beautiful beach.

18 19

After a sweaty hike, we couldn’t wait to get in the water.

It was amazing being able to walk so far out from the shore and still manage to touch the bottom!

Oh, and the mountain views are pretty spectacular too.

20 20a 21 22 23

Although there are two small restaurants which we had some medicore Chinese food in, you’re advised to bring your own food and drinks because they are open erratically.


While the boys played many a game of football and frisbee, we sunbathed and Karman and I played in the water.

23a 23b 24

She even taught me to ‘ride the waves’ which so much fun and ever so glam.


Bond girl…

25a 26

…riding the waves.


This picture makes me laugh every time.

Love you, Karman! ❤


Later on in the day, we were lucky enough to find out that two speedboats were on their way to pick up the remaining beach dwellers.


This was excellent news as it began to piss it down.

30 31 32

Despite the beauty and fun that we had at the beach, the speedboat ride was without a doubt, the highlight of my day.

The waves were so high and ferocious that it felt like an epic ride at Ocean Park. Karman and I sat right at the front and held onto each other the whole way, laughing hysterically every time we were lifted off our seats from the big waves. The rain and seawater crashing into the boat was also hilarious and made it feel even more like a theme park ride!

33 34

Here’s a final pic to let you know that we all made it back to Sai Kung in one piece 😉


A big thanks to Mike to introducing me to this little piece of heaven in HK and to everyone for the fun and hilarious day! ❤



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