July through Instagram


1 – Ry was very excited that he had found some crumpets in HK.

2 – Clam spaghetti for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Tuen Mun, 1981 Fusion Restaurant. Go check it out if you’re in the area, the windows are blacked out and it has a logo with a chicken and 1981 written underneath. They only have about 6 tables but the food is always fresh and delicious.

3 – Ry’s beautiful smoked salmon linguine.

4 – Epic Totoro cake!


1 – Cheers to Jamie’s Italian!

2 – 4 – Drinks on the Penthouse balcony.


1 – I asked Ry to draw a picture for me on the Instax and he went for a cool Pusheen! ^.^

2 – Channeling Jake from Adventure Time for my first time clubbing in like a year, haha!

3 – Ry’s toasted marshmallow shooters at Quinary.

4 – Our first time at The Globe (a popular British restaurant with a wide range of drinks in Central) and we loved it.


1 – My cousin, Cherry, was visiting from Melbourne so of course I had to take her to a Japanese buffet 😉

2 – Just casually getting a family photo taken in the middle of Mong Kok. The dog got his eyebrows done especially for the occasion…

3 – Pizza Express dough balls! #NOMNOMNOMNOM

4– Hanging out on a rooftop bar after dinner.


1  – The awkward moment when you realize that your boyfriend has better hair than you.

2 – Dinner at The Night Market with Kanna.

3 – I always thought that these were just Photoshop creations but I found these beauties at the local florist.

4- The view from a balcony in Cheung Sha Wan when I went flat-hunting.


1 – Celebrating my auntie’s birthday

2 – Adorable birthday cake

3 – An extortionately expensive square watermelon at CitySuper.

4 – I keep in contact with one of my favourite student’s parents from my previous job and he sends me some adorable photos of my student and his little brother every now and again. SO CUTE!


1 – Pork and preserved egg congee for lunch

2 – A five spice chicken salad with Rico at BLT Burger

3 –Ry cooked a yummy roast for dinner

4 – Hof and Soju Korean fried chicken takeaway after a day of flat-hunting. Although it’s pricier than your average fried chicken, it’s well worth it because the flavour is incredible and there’s literally no fat or grease on it at all!



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