August through Instagram


Ry playing superheroes with his students during the summer course.


1 – Celebrating Ry’s final week at work with a Japanese buffet with his colleagues in Yuen Long.

2 – Calvin is awesome. As is this retro inspired 7up can.

3 – Having a Korean hotpot buffet after Ry’s final day at work.

4 – Predictably, these colourful bear-shaped fish balls looked better than they tasted…


1 – Ry received an excellent variety of inspirational, religious T-shirts for his new job. This was my personal fave.

2 – City life.

3 – The advantages of having Mondays off was that I pretty much had the entire rooftop pool to myself.

Man, I miss that pool!

4 – SMILE!


Ness cooked us all an Italian feast and Ry brought his homemade lasagna too!


1 – Dave and Teri introduced us to an amazing chicken hotpot buffet in Tuen Mun. The food is delicious and so cheap. They even have flavoursome Japanese oysters that don’t shrink!


3 – We really enjoyed Paper Towns, I need to get round to reading it, too.

4 – Roast duck with asparagus on lemonade mash at Fusion 1981 #NOMNOMNOMNOM


Spontaneous dinner with the boys at The Globe after work.


A lovely day at Big Wave Bay beach with Kanna.


Karman’s leaving meal in TST ❤



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