Little Bao

18th October, 2015

Little Bao was a restaurant that had been on my ever-growing list of places to eat since I saw my friend’s photos of their Instagram-worthy little plates of joy.

Months later, Ry and I ventured into Sheung Wan to finally try it out at lunch, passing lots of street art and interesting-looking eateries on the way.

hong kong 2

Loving the artwork at this ramen joint.


After climbing a mountain of stairs and walking uphill for a while, we were excited to finally see Little Bao’s pastel blue exterior with its neon pink baby head…


Although the restaurant is usually packed or requires a bit of queuing to get in, we were lucky to have arrived on a quiet Sunday afternoon so we were seated straight away.

Little Bao can be described as an American diner with a modern Asian twist.

I adore open kitchens and watching the chefs prepare the food!


The staff are really friendly and give you a brief chat through the menu.

I also love small, simple menus so this place was winning my heart already and I hadn’t even tried their food yet!


I started with a refreshing iced pomegranate tea.


Ry and I shared the Fried Chicken in a Spicy Nam Yu Sauce.

OH MY GOD. These bad boys were incredible!

Perfectly crispy and flavoursome on the outside while the meat inside was really juicy and tender.


We also ordered the LB Fries which were coated in a lovely, sticky marinade of mirin (a Japanese rice wine) and thai spices.


For dipping, we were given presented with a ying-yang shaped concoction of roasted tomato sambal and kewpie mayo.


Ry and I chose two baos to share. We went for their signature Pork Belly and the Szechuan Fried Chicken.

We both enjoyed the Pork Belly Bao filled with leek, shiso red onion salad, sesame dressing and hoisin ketchup.

Look at that beauty!


I usually adore fried chicken but I took one bite of this burger and took an instant dislike to it. My tongue felt all tingly after eating it due to the numbing spice that they had marinated the chicken in.

Luckily Ry really enjoyed it so he polished it off!


Although the food is a little on the pricy side, we would recommend a visit as the food is generally great and the fried chicken is exceptional!

We skipped the desserts at lunch but if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, they also do deep fried ice-cream baos! Their flavours include:

  • Maple ice cream, chocolate and crispy bacon
  • Green tea ice cream w/condensed milk
  • Salt ice cream w/caramel

Also their dinner-time specials include a soft shell crab bao which I’m dying to try, so see you soon, Little Bao! 😉


After lunch, Ry and I walked around Sheung Wan, dipping in and out of all the boutiques and trendy shops.

How cute is this cloud cushion?! I’d love a really big one!


Blue and white designs on china is always a winning combo.

16 17

Cute mugs!


We also came across a sweet shop that sells blue rip rolls. They’d stopped selling them in the UK for years and as soon as I saw this, it brought back so many good memories of Linda and I pulling them apart after school and dying our tongues blue.

This must be the American version because ours’ said ‘ONE METRE OF FUN!’ on it.

Anyway, I obviously had to buy one for nostalgia’s sake and sent her a pack too 😉


Ry also found some old blue sour sweets that he had as a kid so we thought we’d try a couple too!


Finally, I’ll leave you with this photo of the sky turning a rather purply shade.


We also vlogged this day, so go and check it out 😉



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