25th October, 2015

Ry stuck this note on our bed the night before to motivate us to get out of bed and make the most of our only day off together!

hong kong

Our first stop was a visit to the fancy dress shops down the road to pick up our outfits and a few decorations for our Halloween flat party.


After dropping off our successful haul at home, we popped back out and took a couple #OOTD’s 😉

0b 1

Waiting for the MTR.


Once we arrived at Admiralty, I was intrigued by this ‘Sparkling Cucumber Seltzer’ because it’s not every day that you come across a cucumber flavoured drink.

I’m a big fan of cucumbers and this was really refreshing.


We popped into the Lab Concept mall and I didn’t realize that they had an Urban Outfitters!

Although everything in there is ridiculously overpriced, I wanted to have a gander anyway.

I fell in love with this hat but I couldn’t justify spending $250 on something that would only get a few wears a year, especially since it’s usually over 20 degrees in HK.


We also had a look around their big Topshop and Topman before stumbling upon a rather adorable art exhibition.


These were the biggest canvases that drew us in.


So colourful and dreamy.


I love this beautiful picture.

Deers are always a good i-deer 😉


This is super cute and my personal favourite! 😀

I like that he didn’t neaten up the sides so it’s as if he just pulled it out of his sketchbook and put it on display.


There were some recognizable characters too.

8 8a 8b

After wandering around the exhibition and the shops a little more, we headed over to Causeway Bay for dinner.

We opted for the Green Waffle Diner as I’ve wanted to try another dish there since my visit last year. Plus, Ry had never been before and I thought that the American-diner food would be right up his street.

We decided to get two dishes to share. The first order was one of their signature skillets, I can’t remember which one it was but it had chicken, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and lots of cheese! #NOM


For our healthier option, we went for the veggie linguine which I absolutely loved!

The sundried tomatoes gave it a really lovely flavour.


After dinner and a bit of research beforehand, I finally got round to buying a new phone to replace my iPhone 4 which had the worst battery life and was at the phase where it turned itself on and off at regular intervals just for the lolz.

I bought the LG G4 because it has one of the best cameras on the market, which is very important for someone who uses the camera on their phone more than their actual cameras!

It also has a great front camera, where the quality isn’t far off the back camera. This is rare in cameras because the front camera quality is usually much worse.

This phone also has the novelty of being able to set off a timer for a photo just by putting your hand into a fist, which most of my friends now know 😉


Celebrating my new phone with another glam selfie at home.


We also went to Ikea to buy a frame to put our Totoro poster in to make our lounge feel extra homely!


You can actually see the final result in our vlog 😉

See you soon for our Halloween blog post!



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