October through Instagram

hong kong

1 – Chicken hotpot buffet after work

2 – Pre-hotpot selfie

3 – #grouphug


1 – First time trying the desserts at the Yee Shun Dairy Company which I’ve seen dotted all over HK. I went for the chocolate milk dessert and it was yum – very smooth and creamy.

2 – Nan cooked us dinner. I love prawns!

3 – A feast at my auntie’s for my uncle and cousin’s joint birthday.

4 – A delicious sweet soup made from sweet potatoes and ginger. Such a beautiful colour!


My auntie took photos of all the food and made a collage.

You can tell we’re related, eh? 😉


1 – I tried on Sally’s glasses and neither of us could see.

2 – Jane and Saman took us to ‘Heartbreak Hot and Sour Noodles’ after work and it was amazing; I’d thoroughly recommend the steamed chicken, black fungus, pig ear and jellyfish! 😀

3 – Korean BBQ!

4 – Leo received my card and took a cute Instagram of it.


1 – Date night with Ry at BLT Burger

2 – Hof and Soju’s Korean friend chicken is amazing!

3 – Desserts at Pacific Coffee

4 – Watching The Office and eating a mango. #livingthedream


Cynthia took us to an awesome Dai Pai Dong (open-air food stall) in Sha Tin. The food was so delicious and cheap. Our waitress was really sweet and friendly as none of us could read the Chinese menu; she was so patient and helpful.

We had: a beef pot; salt and pepper chili squid; mixed veg; an assortment of roast duck, beef stomach with cuttlefish and deep fried oysters!


Sophia’s leaving do before she set off on her travels and finishing her studies in Canada.



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