27th-29th November, 2015

Having missed Clockenflap the previous two years due to having to work weekends and living really far away, Ry and I decided to make the most of living much closer and having weekends off (well, I get Sundays off and took off the Saturday).

As soon as the Earlybird tickets came out at the beginning of September, I snapped up the 3-day weekend tickets ASAP to ensure that we wouldn’t be missing out on any of the action this year!

Clockenflap is Hong Kong’s largest and longest-running annual outdoor music and arts festival that Jay Forster, Mike Hill and Justin Sweeting launched in 2008. Their goals for the festival were to nurture the Hong Kong arts, music and film scene. They wanted to “put the city on Asia’s contemporary media-arts circuit” and they’ve done a pretty good job, considering almost 60,000 people attended last year.

However the annoying thing about Clockenflap is that they tell the acts that will be playing, but they don’t let you know which day or what time those performances will happen until the day before. This was a massive let-down for me because it meant that we missed the one band (Clean Bandit) that we both really wanted to see, as the set had finished by the time that I finished work on Friday.

Nevertheless, we made it just in time to see Damien Rice.

Clockenflap 3 4

The views were awesome, too!

56 7

This year, the other acts that we watched included: The Libertines; New Order; Earth, Wind and Fire Experience ft. Al McKay (excellent), Chic ft. Nile Rogers (who wrote loads of famous songs for the likes of Diana Ross and Daft Punk etc.) and Angel Haze (great atmosphere at a smaller stage).

9 10 11 -libertines 12

Although music is at the core of the festival, there were also stages dedicated to film, visual art, performance art, arts and crafts and family fun.

13 14 15 16

Our personal favourite part of Clockenflap was our dinner from the stalls of some of the city’s hottest restaurants.

The burger from Beef and Liberty was divine!


Although we enjoyed the festival, we personally wouldn’t go to all 3 days again because not all the music was our cup of tea and it almost became a bit of a chore to trek over there by the final day.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. If we were to go again, we would probably wait to find out which acts were on and at what time, then just pay a bit more on the day to ensure that we could see the musicians that we actually wanted to.



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