My 25th birthday!

When the clock hit midnight on the 3rd of December, Ry presented me with my first present.

He had wrapped up a little snack for my lunch the next day in a beautiful, nautical number.

Hong Kong

I also found my usual breakfast under my pillow…


Although I had work on my birthday, the girls had very sweetly bought me a few lovely gifts that smelt AMAZING!

Oh, and I love hippos!


Sally also drew me this beautiful work of art which now takes pride of place on our front door.

I love it so much! ❤

2 3

Enjoying my treat from Ry at lunch.

So sweet and delicious!


After work, Ry had set up a little treasure hunt for me to find the presents around the house.

My favourite part was finding a present surrounded by candles on the balcony, which was super cute!


Once I’d found all of my presents, we jumped in a taxi and headed over to Kowloon City to have dinner with my family in a Thai restaurant called Wong Chun Chun.


I’d been here a few years ago for my auntie’s birthday and the food was delicious.

However, we ordered a set meal this time and the food was pretty disappointing. It came out way too quickly (as if everything had been pre-cooked and just waiting to be heated up) and didn’t taste that great.


Nevertheless, it was lovely to spend time with my loved ones on my birthday ❤

5 6

At the weekend, we met up with Kanna, Leo and Ant for a spot of ice skating at Festival Walk before dinner.


After working up an appetite, we met everyone at Amaroni’s Little Italy for dinner.

I adored how festive and magical it looked in there!


The whole place was so twinkly and filled with Christmas magic.

They didn’t half-ass their decorations like most Chinese restaurants.


Taking selfies and learning some Italian phrases in the toilet…


The portions were huge and I’d recommend their cheesy pizzas and big bowls of juicy clams!


Big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my birthday with me, I had lots of fun! 😀


Mango cakes are my fave!


Another year old, another year sexier 😉




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