Sham Shui Po with Hermina

18th January, 2016

As Hermina and I now both have Sundays off work and love taking photos, we decided to pay a visit to Sham Shui Po, a local working class neighbourhood, full of markets and bargains, one stop away from where I live.

Our first stop was the Tin Hau Temple. Sham Shui Po was formerly a bay where many fishing junks berthed. Fishermen looked to supernatural powers to keep them safe at sea. Therefore, they built this temple in honour of Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, in 1901. The temple originally faced the seashore, however it is now tucked in the midst of high-rise buildings.

Sham Shui Po 2 3 4

We also checked out the wet market which is full of fresh produce such as fruit, veg, seafood and meat.

5 6 7 8 9

Year of the Monkey!


As an old neighbourhood, this market still has live chickens that they can prepare for you while you finish off the rest of your food shop. However, most wet markets have abandoned this practise.

11 12

As we visited on a Sunday, it was pretty busy.

13 14

We loved the red lighting on the fish which made it seem even more old-school.

15 16 17

Apliu Street Flea Market is the most popular market in the area. It spreads across several streets and is packed with bedding and baby clothes in one area and a jumble of new and second-hand computers, electronics and accessories in another.

We also came across stalls that sold antiques.

18 19

The smell of delicious roast meats wafted through the air.


There are also many outlet stores filled with cheap locally made clothes and wholesale fabrics. However, the styles weren’t really mine and Hermina’s cup of tea.

On Yu Chau Street, you can find a bead market which Ry and I visited a few years ago to buy Christmas presents for his mum who loves making her own jewellery.

The whole area has a very local feel to it, as opposed to the touristy markets like Temple Street or the Ladies Market which mainly cater to tourists.

To find out more about where to go in Sham Shui Po, click here.


Locals playing some sweet tunes at one of the music stalls.

22 23

There was also a street lined with decorations for Chinese New Year.

I can’t remember the name of the street but basically, it gets really into every holiday so you know where to go for cheap Christmas and Halloween decorations and outfits 😉


Sham Shui Po is one of the rare areas in HK that has stayed pretty much the same over time.

25 26

Just in case you didn’t know, these pink lights symbolise brothels and there were quite a few pink lights in SSP…


The light displays look much more impressive at night.


We also came across this old-school bike in the middle of the market and Hermina got so excited that she took photos of it from every angle, haha!


After a cheap but unextraordinary dinner of meat, veg and boiled rice, I took Hermina to my favourite dessert spot, Heart’s Dessert, for their amazing molten chocolate cake.

Easily my favourite dessert in HK – full of hot, gooey chocolate.

You also have free reign on an unlimited supply of refreshing peach iced tea ❤


I also vlogged this day, so go check it out 😉



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