January through Instagram

Working on New Year’s Day.

hong kong

I was pretty sad that I had to go back to work way before Ry so he bought me a Pusheen to cheer me up ❤


Spontaneous dinner date in Jordan with Sally.


1 – Helsa, my colleague, went to Japan and bought back these delicious and adorable bear shaped biscuits for us!

2 – January couple selfie.

3 – A common site.

4 – Love this birthday card that I sent to my gal pal, Til.


Seeing double 😉


Korean BBQ at Seorae after work.


Winter walk around Sham Shui Po and Cheung Sha Wan with Ry.

4 5 6

Our first time at Cynthia’s friend’s private kitchen.

Their curries and Japanese cheesecake are heavenly.

We’ve been once a week since!

If you’re interested in making a group booking (you should be), check out Ricky’s Cuisine’s Facebook page 😉


A print-screen of our epic Tetris Dance.


I was ill one Tuesday and Sally very kindly wrote a note on the board for my students to leave me some messages.


Sally does the best boardwork…

10 11

A hilarious story by one of my P3 students.


My crazy P3 class gave me an envelope full of pictures, messages and VIP cards which I can use to make them behave (apparently).

I haven’t used one yet but I’ll let you know if they work 😉


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