Devil’s Peak

10th February, 2016

Being the exercise queens that we are, Hermina found a quick and easy hike called ‘Devil’s Peak’ in Yau Tong which Hike Hong Kong rated as a difficulty of 3/10.

We met up in Yau Tong and grabbed a quick lunch in the local mall but unfortunately the offerings were pretty crap (a.k.a salt, oil and MSG central), so I’d recommend having lunch at home or somewhere else before you go.

After lunch, we made the 15-20 minute walk over to the start of the hike. We followed the great directions given here.

hong kong

Creepy handprints…


On the way to the top, we passed shrines, cemeteries, sea views and the usual combo of nature and high rise buildings.

1 2

This was my favourite photo of the day.


Classic HK hike with skyscrapers everywhere.

4 6 7 8a 8b 9 9a 10a 10b

Standing at 222 metres in height, to the east of Devil’s Peak lies Tseung Kwan O and Yau Tong lies to its west.

12 12a

The area around the peak was garrisoned by the British Army or local pirates to control the passage of Lei Yue Mun, which was an important nautical passage in South China. The remains of a temporary fort and batteries are still visible on the peak. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos of these, but Hermina kindly let me share some of her snaps.


12b 12c

She also sent me some fabulous modelling shots.

Gigi and Kendall better watch their backs.

12d 12e

When we made our way back to the city, we had a rest in Mcdonalds where I treated myself to some chicken wings (delicious, as always) and a limited edition Orange Hot Chocolate (because I’m a sucker for limited edition stuff. It was too sweet for me though, boo!)


We then parted ways with Hermina who was heading to a family dinner, so Sally and I decided to walk from Central to Kennedy Town. Later, we met Ry for dinner in Catch on Cathick, which is a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for ages!

Sally and I shared the soft shell crab burger and jerk chicken. We wouldn’t recommend the burger as there seemed to be more batter than crab and it tasted a bit burnt. However, the chicken was delicious though, really well flavoured and the chicken was really tender!

The restaurant has a lovely, chilled out vibe too, so go check it out 😉


As we didn’t fancy anything on their dessert menu, we popped across the road to a little ice cream shop called Ice Monkey that Sally and I had been eyeing up before dinner. Unfortunately there’s no photo evidence but it’s safe to say that we loved our desserts so if you’re in Kennedy Town, it’s a great choice to satisfy your sweet tooth!

We also vlogged this week so if you’ve ever wondered how great my Aussie accent is, you’re in for a treat 😉

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

What have you been up to?




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