February through Instagram

hong kong

1 – Ry taking a nap after a Monday at work

2 – Late night dessert after watching The Revanent at the cinema. I thought it was a great, beautiful film but a bit too long.

3 -4 A new Japanese cheesecake shop opened near our workplace in Causeway Bay so our bosses very kindly bought some for us and they’re now my new obsession. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and these bad boys are perfect for me. So light and airy and just melt in the mouth. It’s now April as I’m typing this and an Uncle Tetsu’s opened in Yau Ma Tei which is really close to where we live. I may or may not have devoured a whole cake from there already…


An epic seafood feast at Ricky’s with Sally and Cynthia.

Let’s talk about it: abalone in a thai style dressing of fresh chilis and coriander (my fave), clams in  black bean sauce (big and juicy), king prawns (a bit too salty), crab with ginger and spring onion (more work to eat but pretty yum), chicken curry and linguine (I usually love their curries but this was a tad too spicy and salty for me) and their flawless Japanese cheesecake to top off a great meal! 😀


1 -The following week, I had fish, eggs and tomato with a boiled rice as I missed my mum’s home cooking. This was pretty good but again, a tad too salty.

2 – Sally had chicken, carrots and celery.

3 – Cynthia had Kung Po chicken.


I think I went to Ricky’s once a week over February, haha!

We also introduced Ricky’s to Ness and some of the girls at work.

1 – A delicious thai style prawn dish (same sauce as the abalone mentioned above)

2 – Saliva chicken (one of my favourite dishes. It’s not actually made with saliva, haha! Ricky made two separate spicy dips for us rather than putting it on the chicken as some of us liked the numbing spice while some didn’t).

3 – Steamed clams with celery

4 – Beef and lamb skewers with deep fried pork.

5 – Sweet and sour pork (I’m not a big fan of sweet and sour food so this wasn’t my cup of tea but the others seemed to enjoy it).

6 – It’s always important to get your 5 a day so we had a veggie dish of sugar snap peas, dried black fungus and another crunchy Chinese veg that I don’t know the name of.

7 – Salted fish (very rich, flavoursome and delicious)

8 – Of course we had to introduce the girls to their amazing Japanese cheesecake 😉


1 – Moss is my spirit animal.

2 – Nikki sent me a snap of her watching my latest vlog with her cats ❤


4 – Love a good pun. Love a good pancake…


Chinese New Year dinner with all my relatives. My auntie cooked Poon Choi (basin dish) which is a popular thing to eat over the festive period. There are variations of this dish but it includes: prawns, abalone, chicken, Chinese mushrooms, ducks feet, dried scallops (on the top layer) then there could be fish-balls, dried oysters, pigs skin, white radish, vegetables etc. underneath to soak up all the flavours.

It’s delicious! 😀


1 – Possibly the most Asian thing ever.

2 – Hanging out with my nan.

3 – Ry and I are great at photobombing.

4 – Dinner with Ant’s friend (who was visiting from Taiwan) in a cooked food market in North Point.


1 – Randomly coming across the Yau Tong Carnival over the Chinese New Year’s holidays.

2- Trying out a new Japanese buffet in Mong Kok called Daimanki. I’d thoroughly recommend the Thai style prawn sashimi, imitation abalone sashimi, sesame chicken wings and crab congee. Thank me later 😉

3– A late lunch with Ry and Hermina at Burger Circus.4bb

1 – As Hermina loves checking out abandoned buildings, Ry, Sally and I joined her to try and sneak into the abandoned ATV Studios in Sai Kung. We saw that Hong Wrong had visited in 2012 and it looked like there was lots of cool graffiti to check out. Unfortunately, security measures on the abandoned building seemed to have increased in recent years (barbed wires and broken glass on walls) so we decided to give it a miss and headed over to the harbour side of Sai Kung instead.

2 – As we visited Sai Kung over the Chinese New Year, we witnessed a dragon dance too which Ry seemed very excited about!

4c1- Views from the Wan Chai Fitness Trail with Hermina.

2- Lovers’ Rock, where people go to pray for their loved ones.

3- A beautiful drawing at a random art exhibition that we came across in Wan Chai.

1 – Cheeky selfie

2 – I finally joined Twitter, let’s be friends 😉

3 – Pikachu’s cheeks are as chubby as mine.

4– Sally was out past her bedtime at our work meal…

See you on Instagram 😉



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