Hiking to The Peak

6th March, 2016

Just over a month ago, the girls and I decided to hike up to The Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island with an altitude of 552m.

I’ve been there many times before on the Peak Tram with Ry and friends that have visited but on this occasion, I’d be getting super toned on my way to the top 😉

The Peak

The views from about a third of the way up.


Hermina and Cynthia had powered on ahead while Kanna, Sally and I took it at a more leisurely pace, taking a few snaps on the way.


When we reached the top, Sally, Cynthia and I grabbed lunch at Mak’s Noodles who do delicious noodles, wontons and beef brisket.



From the viewing platform on the rooftop of the shopping centre.

5 6

Ry also joined us later on and took us to an area a little further up from The Peak which gave us a lovely view of the sunset.


Doesn’t this look a bit like a painting?!


There were also lots of people getting their wedding photos done up there, just to give you an idea of how pretty the views are 😉

I love it when my friends take sexy photos on my phone…


I love it more when I take sexy photos on my phone.


Bringing out the selfie stick for the first time this year 😉


As the sun began to set, we head back down to the popular viewing platform to get a few evening shots of the buildings all lit up.

The view is unreal. I didn’t edit this photo at all!


Hermina and Kanna took the tram back down to Central, while myself, Ry, Sally and Cynthia decided to be hardcore and hiked back down.

We’d worked up quite an appetite by the time that we’d arrived so we headed to The Drunken Duck, a British style Gastro Pub that I’d been wanting to try it for a while.

Ry had gone for a Meet Up, so the girls and I shared the chips and curry sauce (average chips, not nearly enough curry sauce, really salty), ribs (I’m afraid I can’t remember what the sauce was, but again it was super salty and quite a small portion for the price).

Of course we had to try their signature dish of Duck and Pancakes. Unfortunately, the duck was a bit too dry and lacking in the flavour department (unlike their other dishes). This dish usually comes with really thin pancakes but these pancakes were way too thick to let the already limited flavour of the duck shine through. I did enjoy the pickles on the side, though.

Finally, we shared an apple crumble. The apples were pretty good from my memory but it was a shame that it wasn’t really a crumble, just big bits of shortbread biscuit.


Although the service was good and the interior was really cool, I wouldn’t recommend a visit to the Drunken Duck unless you’re just going for drinks. I had a pretty good Virgin Mary 😉



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