The Final Post

This is going to be my final post on Peanut Butter and Mussels as I’m going to be starting a new blog to document my travels since quitting my job in June to travel.

I’ve loved sharing my world with you on this little corner of the internet and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Hopefully it’s even given you a little inspiration on places to visit and things to eat.

Here are 30 of my favourite posts ❤

  1. One of my best friends, Sarah, came to visit me in Hong Kong!8
  2. Leo and Em’s HK stopover4
  3. Phoebe’s stopover in HK39
  4. Em and Harry’s trip to Lamma Island1
  5. Trawling and snorkelling for the first time with Ry and my cousins in Thailand53
  6. Phi Phi Islandphi phi island
  7. The natural infinity pool in Tai Otai o infinity pool, hong kong
  8. Cheung Chau Island with Joshcheung chau
  9. Kennedy Town with Ryhong kong
  10. Mong Kok during the Umbrella Revolution with Craig and Finbarmong kok, hong kong
  11. Marianne’s first day in Hong Konghong kong, the peak
  12. 25 Facts about Queenie 3c
  13. 20 Things I Learnt at University (all the wisdom I gained in my first year of uni)university
  14. Ry’s 25th birthday in Tokyojapan
  15. 20 things we learnt in Japanjapan
  16. Celebrating my 24th birthday in Macau with my parentsmacau
  17. Broadsands with Leoengland
  18. Dates with Lindadartmoor
  19. Brixham with Tilinstax
  20. Dartmouth with the girlsDartmouth
  21. Brighton with JoshBrighton
  22. Adventures with SarahEngland
  23. Weymouth with NikkiWeymouth
  24. Paris with Nikki (Days 1 and 2). Versailles is ridiculously beautiful!Paris
  25. The most beautiful beach in Hong Kong16
  26. Little Bao (plus vlog)Little Bao
  27. Admiralty (plus vlog)0b
  28. Halloween 2015hong kong
  29. AIA Great European Festival with Sally and Herminahong kong
  30. Kanna’s 26th birthday trip to Taipeitaiwan

Wishing everyone the happiest weekend 🙂


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