Lamma Island

Wanting to show Craig and Finbar another side of Hong Kong, we popped on the ferry and headed over to Lamma Island.

hong kong



The harbour is lined with seafood restaurants, boasting edible aquariums.

3 4

The Canadian crab’s trying to escape…


…while Ryan does a great impression of a (rather pervy) fish.


As you enter the high street, you’ll be greeted with a board full of local adverts for babysitting, domestic helpers, gigs, getting together for halloween etc. There’s a very warm and cosy, community feel to the island, which is rather lovely.


Lamma also has a great mix of old and new, local and expats.


After dipping in and out of a few boutiques, I bought some gorgeous, handmade pressed-flower cards and a rad wooden magnet.


I can’t resist anything with a cute whale on 😉


For a late lunch, we opted for fry ups in a conservatory with a sea view.

11 hong kong12

Craig also took a sneaky snap of our adorable, fluff-ball neighbour!


Yay! 😀

14 15

Following lunch, we strolled over to the beach.


Please enjoy our awkward photo.


As we wanted to make it to the other side of the island before it got dark, we were off again!

Finbar got up close and personal with the creepy crawlies…


If you’re thinking of heading to Lamma, we’d definitely recommend the hour’s walk from one side of the island to the other.

Check out the views!

19 20 21

We finally reached the beach as the sun was low in the sky.

The sea was still so warm in October!


I love it when the sky goes this colour!

23 24

When Finbar had had enough of swimming and we’d had enough of paddling and racing along the sand, it had turned pretty much pitch black.

It was surprisingly scary getting out of there with only the light from our phones; I was squeezing Ry’s hand so tightly…

Luckily, we found the lit up shops and restaurants after a while!

Hello there, you handsome chap!

25 26

Sok Kwu Wan (the other side of the island) is solely lined with seafood restaurants.


Ry and Finbar bought litres of lager…


I think it went straight to Finbar’s head…


Ryan, Finbar and I shared an amazing seafood set-meal, while Craig went for chicken chow mein as he’s not a big fan of seafood.

We had the most incredible calamari, steamed abalone, clams in black bean sauce and salt and pepper fried prawns, along with rice and vegetables dishes.

My mouth’s watering just thinking about it…


We’d definitely recommend the ‘Tai Yuen Shark’s Fin Seafood Restaurant.’

The staff are friendly, efficient and helpful (even helping us to remove the abalone from its shell when we were struggling)!


Food and drinks demolished.

Let’s get the ferry back to the city!


Arriving into Central, we popped up to the Discovery Bay Pier for drinks.

The drinks are cheap and the view’s fantastic – what’s not to love?!

35 36

On our way home, the boys stopped off in Siu Hong for a few more drinks, while I headed home for an early night before work.

I’m the ultimate party animal 😉

So I’ll leave you with Ryan…

We stopped off at a local snooker hall and had a game that lasted until closing. I think I remember the victory going to Craig, but not without a neck and neck game from all parties. Afterwards we stopped off at a dessert place, just across the road. We all opted for a waffle with some concoction of ice cream and fruit.




An aerial drone caught us in a moment of ecstasy, as you can tell from our faces 😉



Again, a big thank you to Craig and Finbar for letting us share their snaps!

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