November through Instagram


1 – We finally got round to buying a mini oven!

2 – Fishcakes were priority number one

3 – Ry brought me cheese on toast in bed when I was ill :’)

4 – Cute bread and minion toys at Temple Street Market


1 – Awesome panda buns at Breadtalk

2 – Being a tourist outside Yoshinoya

3 – Ry’s udon at Yoshinoya

4 – Sweets from Grave of the Fireflies. Such a sad, but beautiful film!


1 – Part of the wall decorations in my new classroom

2 – My first Christmas-inspired drawing from Jolie, she’s adorable!

3 – Cool postcards from ‘Niko and’

4 – Epic photo album


1 – Ryan the lion

2 – Stunning sunset after work

3 – Little pug chillin’ at the market

4 – Ryan’s Christmas presents for friends and family


1 – Looking like Ben from Outnumbered (thanks for that one, Nikki!)

2 – Hong Kong inspired Christmas cards in Sheung Wan

3 – A ‘know me well’ sticker on the sign for Hong Kong’s main clubbing district

4 – Neon cross in Sheung Wan

I’ll leave you with a beautiful note from the scrapbook that Nikki made me. This post is dedicated to you 😉


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